Most popular course vouchers

Got a friend who loves learning? Or shopping for someone who already has everything? A course gift voucher makes a fun and original present. Below you can find our most popular gift vouchers, from photography to dressmaking, but if you’re looking for a specific subject, you can do so on the left.
Photography voucher


From taking photos at night, to using Photoshop, there are tonnes of gift options with photography course vouchers. Get one for the wannabe paparazzo in your life.

Cookery voucher


A cookery voucher will tickle the taste buds of any foodie friends and family. Baking, butchery and sushi making are all on the menu of course vouchers to choose from.

Dance voucher


Put a spring in the step of any determined dancers with a voucher. There are loads of different genres of dance for your twinkled toed recipient to pick from.

Fitness/sport voucher


Think Zumba, kick boxing and even personal training sessions. For the fitness fanatic in your life, a course voucher for their favourite class will get their pulse pumping.

Driving lessons voucher

Driving lessons

Whether they’re desperate to pass their test or dreaming of driving a Ferrari, this gift will go a long way. Get them a driving course voucher and help them ditch the L plates.

Art voucher


Art classes come in many different guises – pottery, painting and even lessons in doing graffiti. Let your loved ones unleash their creative side with art course vouchers.

Languages voucher


Language classes are ideal for any travellers with a big trip planned or even just someone heading off on holiday. Buy them course vouchers so they can learn the local lingo.

Dressmaking voucher


Shopping for clothes is tough when you’re not sure what size or colour they’d go for. Dressmaking course vouchers will be the perfect fit for the fashionista in your life.

Gardening voucher


Gardening is often a favourite hobby for anyone who loves being outdoors. Get them course vouchers for gardening lessons and watch their plant knowledge grow.

Music voucher


If you’ve got a musical friend, they’ll love the sound of these music course vouchers. Options include singing, song writing and learning to play different instruments.

Jewellery voucher


Giving jewellery as a gift has been done many times before and can be a bit boring. Be original with course vouchers and give them the opportunity to make their own.

Wine tasting voucher

Wine tasting

Wine tasting courses involve sipping, socialising and of course, plenty of wine! Whether it’s red, white or rosé they like, they’ll love one of these course vouchers.