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The internet indeed has changed the world, and we believe every one of us should be fully equipped to be a part of, and lead, that change. Being prepared and ready is half the battle won, and Training Square makes it easy, fun and affordable. Without a specific plan, you can get easily derailed along the way because you didn't know how much time, money, skill, or other resources it would take to get what you want.

With us, you have a friend, a guide, a teacher and a resource to walk with you every step of the way in your technology career. Let us help you choose from career-oriented courses in networking, application designing, database programming and web and social media.
Training Square is an innovative IT training company with the main motive of delivering hands-on training in various courses in Information Technology, to meet the real-life industrial demands as well as certification requirements to all our clients.

At Training Square - We Truly Believe - One happy customer is worth many positive leads & One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than thousands of £'s worth of advertising. Hence, we endeavour to exceed the expectations of our clients and maintain the spark and passion they have by offering excellent classroom-based hands-on training, taught by certified & expert instructors and the training facilities are immaculate too...

We have been providing training to delegates from small to large scale companies, as they all strive to improve their efficiency at work. Our experience in training corporate delegates covers all sectors as we have the wide range of courses - Networking, Databases, Programming, Web Development and Social Media among many others.

Training Square combines professional and learning excellence with vibrant learning resources, and support from the industry’s most experienced certified trainers who are so dedicated to ensuring success in your studies.
At Training Square, we can help you choose from many career-oriented courses in Web technology, Networking, Application Designing, Database Programming and Web and Social media.

Training Square presents a number of opportunities to its delegates through our partnerships with IT industrial giants such as Oracle, Auto-desk, Cisco, Adobe, Microsoft, and Red Hat.

Our goal is simple - to offer job-oriented professional qualifications that get you ready to meet and lead the latest market demands for internet technology.

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Detailed Syllabus Oracle. Get the Oracle Database 11g Administration certification - become a Certified Associate, Certified Professional or Certified Master. There are multiple examinations at each...more

Duration: 5 days

Multiple levels

Certificate of Attendance