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Severnvale Academy - a special place to learn English.

For 30 years, Severnvale has been providing English courses of the highest quality for mature, discerning, intelligent adult learners who want to experience the friendliness, the language and the culture of the 'Real England'.

Here in the heart of our town Shrewsbury - traditional and unspoiled... one of England's best-preserved and most beautiful historical towns - Severnvale has built an unrivalled reputation for English teaching, service and accommodation.

Established in 1982 by brothers John & James Rogers - who still run the academy to today - you will have our personal attention for your own needs as an individual and an English learner from the first moment you contact us to the end of your stay here.

Whether you want to learn General, Business or Examination English (or a combination of these) we will help you select the right learning programme for your needs, plan your journey and your stay here, and we'll choose accommodation which will feel like a 'home away from home'.

When you arrive, you'll feel the familial atmosphere of Severnvale - warm, friendly and caring - but with no compromise on quality. Severnvale provides the highest standards of English teaching... some of the world's best-known companies have trusted Severnvale to provide their English training for many, many years.

We'll be here every day to ensure that you get the very best from your stay, and that you want to continue learning - and using - English for years to come.

With small classes, an adult learning environment (we don't accept young learners here... the average age of our 'students' is between 30 and 40 years old... our minimum age is 20) and our support through your programme, you will achieve more progress than you probably imagine possible.

Our location isn't a compromise either - it's a wonderful, historical town of 100,000 people, surrounded by beautiful countryside and easily accessible from many airports (including Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.) Being central it isn't too far from most of the main English tourist attractions either... and it has the advantage of having almost no local or regional accent - the people here speak good English.

Severnvale's reputation has been built entirely on the satisfaction levels of our past clients... learners who keep in touch for years after their courses with us; who recommend us to friends and colleagues; who regularly return for 'refresher courses'.

Full accredited by the British Council, a Highly Trusted Sponsor for Tier 4 student visas, a beautiful location, a team of people who will do everything to help you... an English course here at Severnvale isn't just an English course - it's something you'll want to keep forever... we'll give you an experience of England and English you will never forget.

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