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The Art of the Piano offers one-to-one tuition, workshops for the piano and masterclasses. Teaching beginners and training professionals. A new way of learning the piano, friendly and focused on a thorough understanding of music. Bilingual teacher (French/English).

Teaching beginners:
The contact between the beginner and the instrument is immediate. Thanks to a very effective method which has proved itself over a number of years, it is now possible to tackle the easiest repertoire from the most well known classical composers with just a few months of practice.

Advanced level and professional training:
This training is for advanced or professional pianists wanting to link a new piano technique with a holistic vision of the 'man at the piano'. For this purpose, a new postural sitting position at the piano has been introduced, using a unique ergonomic cushion if desired, along with the ‘revolutionary’ application of ‘the indirect weight’ which completely eliminates the habit of striking the keyboard, not forgetting a different idea of how to use the pedals. All these new technique may enlighten the student's musical thoughts and ultimately may lead him (or her) to the quest of how to produce ‘Organic sounds’ applied to music.

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