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The Company:
Net-Security Training is a company that was initially created to cater for the shortage in Information Security specialists and the escalating complexity of technology and the business need of companies to outsource non-core business activities. Now as the established leader of IT Security, Information Risk Management, Compliance and Governance Training and Consulting we strive to stay at the forefront within our specialty of training and consulting! We partner with and are approved by organizations at the very top of this industry!
Our History:
Recently we have seen some of the most threatening times for organizations in relation to the security of their information and protection of intellectual properties! One of the aides to the problem is people; moreover, the global shortage of skilled IT professionals shows no sign of abating for at least the next 10 years. The paradox of this situation is that while numerous courses are available for programmers of any language, database administrators, web masters and network administrators, it is difficult to find good classes for Information Security Specialists.
Our mission:
Is to ensure that our training meets your expectations on all levels, leaving you with the knowledge and skills you require to help you develop and deploy information security products and services within your organization, thereby helping them to remain secure! We also aim to give you excellent customer service from the very first time you enquire to the next time you join us for a course.

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