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Mindworks Coaching provids a wide range of interventions…for everyone Working in Community Mental Health Care and their Service Users.

I specialise in designing, developing and delivering of Mental Well-being skills training, self-help and coaching resources for those suffering from mild to moderate or common mental health issues.

If you are working in the community mental health care sector, you’ll find I will be adding daily to an extensive range of activity-based training and coaching resources, downloadable reports, e-books and e-zine articles etc. Be sure to subscribe to updates

Our Mission……

We have a unique ethos based on long-term commitment to providing Mental Health & Wellbeing resources for those working with the NEET (Not in Employment Education or Training), the challenged, disadvantaged and disaffected within the Community.

We support a range of curriculum subjects with lesson plans available for Entrepreneurship Education, Employability Skills, PSHE, Citizenship, ‘Soft Skills, ‘Wider key skills’ helping to build portfolios for Accredited Award Schemes and providing meaningful evidence for Assessment and Evaluation. These are done for the development of participants for funding purposes through the ‘Rickter Scale®’

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