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A centre of excellence for leadworkers in the UK

It’s never been easier to gain skills in one of the UK’s oldest crafts.

The Training Centre is Britain’s only Centre of Excellence for Lead workers in the UK construction industry

In a purpose built environment the Training Centre will help you develop skills in Lead work, skills that have centuries old traditions but are still very relevant in today’s Construction industry.

An emphasis on ‘hands on’ teaching in small groups makes it an effective learning experience.

If you are interested in a leadworker course we recommend you fill in the self Assessment Application form and we will contact you to discuss the course that most suits your needs.

Become a craftsman

A skilled leadworker deserves a better title than roofer. Lead roofing in all its forms will outlast any of its modern alternatives by hundreds of years – but only if it is properly installed.

That’s where the training you will receive makes a difference and changes you from a roofer to a highly skilled craftsman, capable of undertaking traditional and heritage projects.

Once you have learnt the simple rules of how to use the material correctly; how to shape and boss, how to weld and dress, how to size, fix and set out, you will be on your way to being a skilled Lead craftsman. And don’t forget, skilled craftsmen can and do charge more for their services.

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