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Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre

Synthesizing ancient with modern, this Massage Training is based upon universal principles that carry learning through all it’s different stages of mind, body and spirit. Capturing the essence and authenticity of Lomi Lomi Massage and Kahuna Bodywork within the wisdom of Hawaii Practitioner Trainings are designed to suit individual learning needs and personal timescale requirements.

This 12 Day accredited course is offered in 3 options…

• INTENSIVE - 8* or 12 consecutive days
• FAST TRACK - 4 days every month over 3 months
• PROGRESSIVE - 1 weekend a month over 6 months

Originally the beautiful and traditional art of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage was the sole intention of a dedicated apprentice with one Master Teacher. Taking a lifetime to prefect through unrushed and silent observation allowed organic development from within. In our busy world this luxury is a thing of the past.

Appreciating this dilemma, the Hawaiian UK Training Centre has been developing for over 15 years now, the most profound and comprehensive 12 day Practitioner Training course available. It offers bespoke and detailed one-to-one instruction with ample opportunity now for discussion for discovery and self development. Taught in a spiral style as opposed to linear this course offers a uniquely multi-dimensional learning experience in a short and dynamic way.

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