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At Fire Training Videos (FTV) we have been producing fire safety training programmes since 1988, when we launched the first video which was produced specifically for hotels 'A Warm Reception', since then we have moved away from VHS to DVD and we have significantly increased our product range. Our fire safety programmes are used extensively by a variety of different companies and organisations including Fire & Rescue Services, Fire Consultants, Pharmaceutical Companies, High Street Retailers, Hotels, Care Homes, Schools to name but a few.

The introduction of digital formats, such as DVD, no longer means that we are not so restricted for space, so where possible we have added alternate versions of the 'main' programme, to provide for example a version which is suitable for induction or refresher training. Where appropriate we have also produced questionnaires relevant to the programme, which will are available on our website and included on the disk.

Our range of fire safety programmes are produced in-house and therefore we can offer substantial discounts on 'multiple orders', or we can adapt any of our titles to your requirements. This can be as simple as adding your logo or we can adapt one of our existing scripts and re-film and re-edit the programme. One of the key advantages of using FTV to produce your Companies fire safety programme, is our extensive library of fire footage, which if purchased commercially is very expensive. We'll include this as part of the production!

Our range of DVDs covers most aspects of fire safety from generic fire evacuation training to more specialised environments such as Schools, Care Homes, Hotels and Hospitals.

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