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Big Data Partnership is a specialist UK based solution provider, working with clients to help them extract valuable insight from big data.

Companies are generating data at a faster rate than ever before, which is continuing to outpace the growth of storage capacity. A significant proportion of the driving force behind this explosive growth is in the form of unstructured data, which has been created from relatively new sources including social networks, mobile content, and machine data, all of which create massive complex data sets. In an information society where data is the new currency, it is becoming increasingly important to make sense of this data in an economically-viable way, to drive new revenue streams and give companies a competitive advantage that was never before possible with traditional data warehouse or business intelligence solutions.

With deep-rooted expertise and thought leaders in big data technologies including Apache Hadoop, Hive, HBase, Mahout, and Apache Cassandra, it is these technologies and toolsets that is enabling us to help customers address the big data challenge of volume, variety and velocity, unlocking insight from complex and sophisticated data that was traditionally difficult and expensive to manage and derive insight and value from

We help companies to identify use cases to address their big data challenges and help them to realise value from it. This encompasses end-to-end consultancy from data strategy to technology implementation. Our Consultants are certified industry experts and have worked extensively with Big Data technologies and toolsets including the Hadoop ecosystem and Apache Cassandra to provide scalable and reliable data solutions.


As enterprises move into this new age for data analytics, companies can often struggle to identify where in their large data architecture, big data software and techniques can be be utilised. Big Data Partnership can help those organisations understand where those use cases are through short workshop engagements. These are typically 2-5 days long and will help not only identify where Big Data Analytics could help drive more customer insight and ROI but also educate on what tools are in the eco-system.


Even with solid use cases and a good understanding of where Big Data software and techniques could help businesses, it is not always easy to prove that model and commit the necessary investment to really make the positive transformation in an organisation. One way of doing this is to take a single use case and develop a Proof of Concept to prove the expected ROI and business benefit and also validate the technology. This level of engagement can typically be a month long and can help businesses not only take the big step towards big data but also help them understand whether the expected ROI is there.


Big Data Partnership are able to assist enterprises in fully realising their Big Data initiatives through offering fixed price and day-based consultancy to help deliver full data analytics projects. We understand that each customer has differing needs, therefore we tailor our approach specific to each client. Effective big data is not just about predetermined buckets or templates for business intelligence; it is about meaningful analysis and processing of information in a way that is highly relevant to the business. We have highly skilled Data Scientists as well as deep rooted Big Data Engineers who can help you fully make the most of your implementations and ensure success of your Big Data projects.

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