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Aronagh is behavioural change facilitation company.

We help individuals and organisations achieve transformative and sustainable behavioural change using a unique blend of science, psychology, energy, somatic and spritual modalities.

Aronagh's services include:

Development & Training
* NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for specific business contexts (project management, customer service, sales, managing change, people management)
* Leadership development
* Culture change & Cultural Awareness
* Communication & Employee Engagement
* Health & Wellbeing
* Stress Management
* Creativity, Intuition & Innovation
We also develop face to face and online training couses/workshops to your requirements

* Life Coaching incl. goal achievement, health and fitness improvement, self esteem boosting, work/life balance and career progression
* Executive Coaching incl. Leadership, Team Dynamics and Performance Coaching
* Leadership and Career Coaching for women
* NLP Coaching to shift limiting belief patterns, align values; break unwanted behaviour patterns and habits; accelerate goal achievement and improve confidence
* NLP Breakthrough sessions

Management Consulting
* Designing, setting up and running successful change programmes (Organisational Change, Culture Change, IT-enabled change)
* Developing and implementing a meaningful and consistent employer brand
* Designing and delivering employee engagement programmes

Health & Fitness
* Qi Gong workshops
* Reiki L1, L2
* Energy Management
* Transformative Meditations

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