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Axis paragliding was first formed in 1997. The School has been through several incarnations and
locations in this time, always around Abergavenny,which has provided us with access to some of
the finest flying sites in the UK. The school now concentrates on quality pilot training courses,
geared to meet individual needs.We are now able to take new pilots (beginners) on an overseas
course to get them most of the way, or all the way through qualification, in conjunction with training
here in South Wales. It is possible to 'mix and match' these courses as required, which is great for
adding experience of different environments.

The CFI Steve Millson has been paragliding since 1990, and has been professionally involved with
the sport since 1992. Before that he worked as an Assistant Director / Locations manager and
Cameraman for many years on some well-known feature films.He has also several seasons as a
ski guide in the Alps, where the paragliding adventure began.As a BHPA qualified Senior Instructor,
Paramotor instructor, and Tandem instructor, Steve will be the guy you do most if not all of your
training with.He is also a practicing Buddhist, so if you are looking for the answers to other questions
he may have some interesting insights!

Axis use modern and up to date equipment, and often use the Tandem as part of our training tools,
something rarely found in other UK schools because of larger group sizes. We also use radios for
communication with the student. An area of specialty is the finishing and qualification of pilots, who
are struggling to qualify with other schools. Particularly in southern England where small hills, group
size,and lack of soarable sites for all wind directions are common problems. Pilots who have
completed courses with foreign schools, and wish to qualify to UK standards are also welcome here.
Our qualifications are recognised worldwide and are transferable to other systems, but more than that,
we prepare you well for paragliding, wherever you may wish to fly. By the end of a course with Axis we
are sure we will have helped you become a confident and knowledgeable pilot making the right decisions.

We realise that learning to fly could be a scary and expensive business, and know that excellent
training is absolutely vital, to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience. We hope that you choose
Axis as the place you come to try this amazing way to fly, and we make a promise to treat you fairly
and honestly at all times.

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