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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for my course?

Not usually. Most full time courses for 16-19 year olds are paid for by the government as long as it is the first time you are studying at further education level. This includes the likes of BTECs, A Levels and NVQs to name a few. Sometimes funding is availiable for equipment and transport, it's worth looking into this. If you are over 19 then you may be required to pay some of the fees for your course and if you're over 24 you will be liable for all of your fees but entitled to a loan towards them.

Should I go for a vocational qualification or academic?

It's really up to you. We can't advise either way as it depends on your circumstances and your plans for the future. An academic qualification is probably your best bet if you're planning on going to uni' at some point, but this isn't always the case. A vocational qualification is definitely a good idea if you're sure of the career path you want to follow and want to get started on it straight away.

Which courses will help me get into uni?

A Levels are the qualifications traditionally preferred by most universities but more and more are accepting alternatives. You will be required to meet a certain number of UCAS points, so it's more about how hard you work and the grades you get than the qualifications or subjects you take.

Is further education harder than GCSEs?

Yes. It's the next level up. But trust us; if you've completed your GCSEs, you're ready for it. These courses are set to challenge you, but they won't be overwhelming.

Will I have to study at a college?

No. While many colleges offer further education courses, lots of sixth forms do too, as well as a number of private training providers. You might also consider an apprenticeship, where you'll only do a small amount of classroom work but mostly be out and about on the job.

Course reviews


Oplex Careers

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

By Tina - January 2018

Really very good I recommend it...

very interesting

New Skills Academy

SEN (Special Education Needs) Diploma - CPD & CMA Certified & IVCAS Accredited

By Meloney - January 2018

this course is very interesting - opened up my knowledge about individuals with special needs. ...

Making moves (introductory Evening)

Making Moves Confidence and Self Expression Courses

Express Yourself Introductory Confidence Building Evening

By Paul - January 2018

The two hour taster session was well worth attending and I found it to be extremely useful in itself for improving my co...

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