Basic review tips

Reviews should:
  • Be honest and truthful
  • Provide useful information
Reviews should not:
  • Contain vulgar language or comments
  • Contain derogatory language or comments
  • Contain specific names of people
  • Contain any contact information, web or email addresses
  • Contain excessive slang or text speak

Why review?

Writing a student review is a great way of letting others know what it is really like studying a course or what an institution is really like.

Sometimes, the course description, website or prospectus doesn't give future students everything they would like to know before joining a course.

So this is a chance for you to tell other people thinking of doing your course or studying where you studied exactly what it's like before they sign up.

Respond to a review Share your opinion with the people who visit Hotcourses each month! Please give as much detail as possible and follow our response guidelines. Thank you!

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