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Festival of Learning highlights positive side to Further Education

I always knew lifelong learning had its benefits, but nothing could prepare me for the way it had impacted people at the recent Festival of Learning awards. Adult Learning has always faced an uphill battle where funding and...

08 Nov 2017


What are ECDL courses?

Whether it’s for daily use at work, buying shopping online or just browsing the internet, the vast majority of us use computers on a frequent basis. However, despite over three quarters of the UK’s working population regularly...

10 Nov 2017

Meet the experts

Nick Johnson – the Kew Gardens horticulturalist

It’s safe to say, before sitting down to chat with Nick Johnson, you could have fit my horticultural knowledge on the back of a stamp. Yet despite having no idea how to plant, grow or prune a plant, I have a resounding...

21 May 2015


Our guide to facial care training

Fashion queen Coco Chanel famously mused, ‘Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, but it’s up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.’ The secret to flawless skin is something many people long to...

25 Sep 2014

Fun stuff

10 quotes to help make your business a success

When starting your business , the only way to succeed is to take the lead from the greats that have gone before you. Ok, that’s not the only way. You need a decent plan, a good head for numbers, a unique idea...but quotes are...

23 Feb 2016