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How an in-class course can help your wellbeing

When we think about taking care of our wellbeing, most of us may turn to activities like yoga or meditation. Some people even overhaul their nutrition to incorporate healthier choices.  However what if we told you that...

23 Jun 2017


Where will information technology be in five years?

We live in a world where information technology powers almost everything we do. Our lives are practically dictated by our smartphones, and thanks to these devices, ‘iphonography’ is now a thing and we can even keep track of our...

21 Jun 2017

Meet the experts

Andrew Armes – the mentoring and coaching maestro

There’s one thing we’ve found that a lot of professionals we’ve chatted to who work in personal development have in common – a zest for life. It sounds cheesy and maybe a little obvious, but whether a coach, a counselor, a mentor...

16 Mar 2016


Our guide to handbags

The average woman buys a new handbag every three months, and in her lifetime will buy 111 handbags, spending over £4000 in the process. Whether you want to stop spending money on handbags and make your own, or your dream...

28 Apr 2014

Fun stuff

10 unexpected ways to burn 500 calories

Bored of your usual gym workout, or lacking the motivation to actually get there? Here on the Hotcourses editorial desk, ask us the calories of any food and we could probably make an accurate guess. Aside from being one of our...

03 Feb 2016