Editor's picks

Festival of Learning highlights positive side to Further Education

I always knew lifelong learning had its benefits, but nothing could prepare me for the way it had impacted people at the recent Festival of Learning awards. Adult Learning has always faced an uphill battle where funding and...

08 Nov 2017


What are CLAiT courses?

Computers are a massive part of our lives. Whether it’s to watch the latest videos online, browse the shopping websites for a bargain or work on your latest project for work, we’ve become increasingly dependent on IT in everyday...

24 Nov 2017

Meet the experts

Ben Tucker – the advertising guru

When we asked London College of Communication to find us an expert on advertising, what we didn’t think they’d give us was a forerunner in the advertising industry, who runs his own agency and has experience working for big...

16 Mar 2016


Our guide to pet care

More often than not, our four-legged friends are our best friends and keeping them happy and healthy is the least we can do to repay the favour.  Whether you’re interested in becoming an expert caretaker for your puppy, or...

19 Jan 2016

Fun stuff

11 ways to annoy a Londoner

The chances are, if you are learning English as a second language , you will come to the capital to embrace the culture. Be warned, us Londoners can seem like an odd bunch and aside from the obvious (don’t take photos in Saint...

22 Feb 2016