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Hotcourses named as new partner for Festival of Learning

Adult learning is so important – and yet, it’s never really celebrated. However, at Hotcourses this is about to change as we’ve been announced as a partner for the upcoming Festival of Learning. Previously known as...

21 Mar 2017


Why lifelong learning is vital for adults

 “How easy is it to fly a drone?” a voice said behind me. I stopped brewing my tea and turned around to see my Dad standing, waiting, with an inquisitive look on his face. At first, I thought it was a bizarre question...

21 Mar 2017

Meet the experts

Chris Coe - the travel photographer

There’s something surreal about taking a photograph. The old adage that ‘time waits for no one’, seems somewhat poignant through the eyes of a camera. Deep within the depths of this clever machine, is its incredible ability to...

24 Mar 2016


Our guide to diabetes

Around 2.9m people across the UK suffer from a form of diabetes and it’s estimated that hundreds of thousands more have it but don’t know it. Diabetes has become a growing healthcare concern not only in the UK but...

28 May 2014

Fun stuff

9 dogs that really need to get their paws to a training course

They’re meant to be our best friends, but sometimes they can be tiny terrors on four paws. If your unruly mutt desperately needs to learn the difference between right and wrong but you don’t know where to start, a dog training...

03 Feb 2016