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The importance of literature in modern society

Ever since I was small, stories have been apart of my life. Reading books like ‘The Tales of Peter Rabbit’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ before bed became a part of my natural order where I could escape into another...

28 Jun 2018


An expert’s view on the hairdressing industry

Suffering from the shock of a ‘New Year new me’ crop, hair has very much been the subject of the editorial desk recently. Much to Richard, Henry and Tom’s despair, on this side of the desk we have been talking styles, hair...


Meet the experts

Dorthe Nielsen – the busy bookkeeper

When it comes to finding a bookkeeper to interview I didn’t have to look far, with our own specialist sitting on the other side of the office. As well as being the lady we all run to for expenses and petty cash, Dorthe has years...

16 Mar 2016


Our guide to sculpture

Are you fascinated by the shape and outline of a sculpture fashioned from metal, stone, wood or even paper? And would you relish the opportunity to create your very own, one-off sculpture carved from a block of wood or bent and...

01 May 2015

Fun stuff

12 problems only swimmers understand

Remember those days when you just went to the pool to splash around with your friends? Chances are if you are a member of a swimming team or club, the answer will be no. Your life is a routine of showering, swimming and showering...

04 Feb 2016