Editor's picks

The importance of literature in modern society

Ever since I was small, stories have been apart of my life. Reading books like ‘The Tales of Peter Rabbit’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ before bed became a part of my natural order where I could escape into another...

28 Jun 2018


An expert’s view on the hairdressing industry

Suffering from the shock of a ‘New Year new me’ crop, hair has very much been the subject of the editorial desk recently. Much to Richard, Henry and Tom’s despair, on this side of the desk we have been talking styles, hair...

17 Jul 2018

Meet the experts

Frances Tucker - the food safety fanatic

Turning a love of food into a job can be a tricky task – unfortunately no matter how much Googling we’ve done, we’ve not yet managed to find a job role in which you simply get paid to eat. However, there are plenty of career...

04 Mar 2016


Our guide to creative writing

Do you have a gift for words? Is writing your true calling? Whether you’re a traditionalist who loves their Bic pen and yellow-paged notebook or a contemporary who taps away on a Mac, if words and writing move you and...

31 Oct 2014

Fun stuff

Are these the weirdest plants ever?

We’ve all bought a cactus or an orchid at one point, but have you ever thought of getting a more exotic pot plant for the living room? Here on the Hotcourses editorial desk we cannot pretend to be plant experts, in fact all of...

04 Feb 2016