Editor's picks

Festival of Learning highlights positive side to Further Education

I always knew lifelong learning had its benefits, but nothing could prepare me for the way it had impacted people at the recent Festival of Learning awards. Adult Learning has always faced an uphill battle where funding and...

19 Oct 2017


Ching He-Huang: An appetite for success

The food industry has grown immensely over the last few years with exposure to countless TV shows, celebrity chefs, fresh cook books and new restaurants adorning our streets. Food is even a prime focus on social media with a...

16 Oct 2017

Meet the experts

Jimmy Nelson – the legend

A man who needs no introduction, as I sat down to Skype Jimmy Nelson , his stunning, world famous photographs precedes him. ‘Before they Pass Away’, one of his most renowned collections of 35 indigenous tribes, took him three...

24 Jan 2017


Our guide to Swedish massage

With the ever growing stresses of daily life, it is becoming increasingly important for people to take time to relax, and what better way to do this than having a massage? Swedish massage is based on the Western concepts of...

28 Apr 2014

Fun stuff

7 things you might not know about welding

Before writing the guide, you could probably fit what we knew about welding on the back of a stamp. Fast forward a few weeks and we have become a melting pot of information about this sizzling profession. So before signing up to...

27 Jan 2017