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How to use social media to improve career prospects

We all have at least one social network. Whether you keep in touch with your family on Facebook or respond to provoking news on Twitter, different networks are used for different purposes. However, if you’re considering a...

20 Feb 2018


Inside the mind of an online learner

I started out with every good intention, logging in to do the online part of the TEFL course I had spent a whole weekend completing. Yet, a year later, I must ashamedly admit, I’m still no closer to completing the course. ...

09 Feb 2018

Meet the experts

Mike McCarey – the sugar coated sculptor

I once read that a party without a cake is just a meeting. We’ve all got that cake we can’t forget, mine being the Victoria sponge with water slide icing for my fifth birthday, complete with tiny armband clad swimming figures....

04 Mar 2016


Our guide to CIPD courses

Could you make someone’s work life better? That’s what the CIPD is for! It stands for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and is the official body for the human resources (HR) industry. It...

31 Jan 2014

Fun stuff

When hair goes wrong

We’ve all had that hair cut we would rather forget, whether it was the fringe we rocked for all of primary school, the bob that was just so in fashion at the time or the hairdresser that was a little scissor happy. If your hair...

23 Feb 2016