Editor's picks

Why cooking matters

When most people think about cooking, they either dread it or look forward to the finished product. But how often do you think about why cooking matters and how it's helping more than just our stomach? In school Food Tech...

28 Jun 2017


Where will information technology be in five years?

We live in a world where information technology powers almost everything we do. Our lives are practically dictated by our smartphones, and thanks to these devices, ‘iphonography’ is now a thing and we can even keep track of our...

21 Jun 2017

Meet the experts

Frances Quinn – the Great British Baker

When it came to finding an expert to talk baking with, my mind instantly wondered back to the nerve racking final of the nation’s favourite TV series. The village fete style baking competition that hit the big time, 8.4 million...

24 Mar 2016


Our guide to catering

Do you grab at any opportunity to host dinner parties for your family and friends, watch food channels religiously to stay abreast with food trends, have an entrepreneurial mind and might consider starting a food business, or...

29 Jan 2015

Fun stuff

It’s a brain game

Psychology is all about understanding the brain; for example how do we do simple tasks like choose what to have for dinner or make conversation with our colleagues? The brain is made up of four different lobes, the frontal lobe...

22 Feb 2016