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The importance of literature in modern society

Ever since I was small, stories have been apart of my life. Reading books like ‘The Tales of Peter Rabbit’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ before bed became a part of my natural order where I could escape into another...

28 Jun 2018


Are you an in-class or online learner?

With so many courses available in-class and online, which environment is best suited to you? Finding an online course couldn’t be easier nowadays. More and more people are opting to study around their lives rather than...


Meet the experts

John Hollerbach - the professional restorer

Wood might not be the first material you think of when we say art. It’s heavy, difficult to manipulate and often filled with imperfections. Despite this, its popularity is on the rise and more people than ever are signing up to...

17 Feb 2016


Our guide to teaching

It’s an enormous responsibility to be entrusted with the education of someone’s child, and as a teacher, your responsibility lies with thousands. Make a difference and shape young, hungry minds, and enrol on a ...

14 Nov 2013

Fun stuff

11 of the weirdest foods you will find on a French menu

Learning how to speak French is one thing, but eating there is another matter. In France they will eat pretty much every part of the animal, including the parts us Brits bin, what’s more they will call it a delicacy. Ahead of...

23 Feb 2016