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Why beauty therapy is a good career in an ever-changing industry

For many females, beauty is something that enters their lives at a relatively young age and stays with them throughout their lifetime. Such is the effect of the industry that it’s estimated that women spend roughly $15,000...

26 May 2017


Hotcourses named as new partner for Festival of Learning

Adult learning is so important – and yet, it’s never really celebrated. However, at Hotcourses this is about to change as we’ve been announced as a partner for the upcoming Festival of Learning. Previously known as...

09 May 2017

Meet the experts

Adam Carey – the game changer

When it comes to sports nutrition, there is one name that crops up time and time again – Dr Adam Carey. Commentating on all areas of nutrition, Carey is a leader in his field. After training as a gynaecologist, he soon realised...

04 Feb 2016


Our guide to dessert courses

If you’ve got a sweet tooth you’ll know there’s always room for dessert. Originating from the French word desservir (which means ‘to clear the table,’) dessert comes at the end of a meal and...

22 Jan 2014

Fun stuff

Are these the weirdest plants ever?

We’ve all bought a cactus or an orchid at one point, but have you ever thought of getting a more exotic pot plant for the living room? Here on the Hotcourses editorial desk we cannot pretend to be plant experts, in fact all of...

04 Feb 2016