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"Over many years we have helped hundreds of students get the qualifications they need and have made the fees affordable to them all."


The UK Open College has over ten years experience in delivering distance learning programmes. Based in Coventry, West Mids we have built up and developed a student database from all over the world. From Birmingham to Bombay, Swansea to Switzerland, with home learning distance is never a barrier.

After years of working in the Home Learning industry we soon came to realise that the people who really needed to learn were people on lower incomes. People who were in low paid jobs, unemployed or bringing up young families. We had spoken to numerous students over the years who really wanted to better themselves and improve their prospects but the one thing that stopped them was money or lack of it. What was the point of college if the students that really wanted to study could not afford to? How could these people ever improve their future when it was beyond their reach? We have the answer at the UK Open College.

Over many years we have helped hundreds of students get the qualifications they need and have made the fees affordable to them all. We have numerous payment plans available at an affordable cost. Whatever the situation we try our best to help.

This approach has made us very unique and also helped us build a solid reputation of which we are proud. We continue to attract students from all kinds of backgrounds. Students as young as 14 and as old as 80. Learning from home offers a very relaxed way of learning at a speed that suits students on a more personal level rather than trying to suit a whole class. We realise the classroom environment is not for everyone particularly mature students who continually say that they don’t have the confidence to attend a college.

Home learning also produces very high pass rates. Over 80 per cent of students who register for home study complete their courses first time. Compared to a national average of just over 20 per cent who attend college locally. The major factor in this being that students who register for home study really want to study and are prepared to finance their own education. Unfortunately a high percentage of students attending college are now on funded courses through employers or the government, this generally results in high dropout rates due to lack of real commitment.

The flexibility and convenience of distance learning has never been more appealing. The UK Open College is real proof of that. Affordable learning at your own pace! We continue to grow due to the demands of today’s busy lifestyles.

What's on offer?

We have approximately one hundred courses available in a variety of sectors. All students are provided with unlimited email support throughout their studies. Many courses can be completed without deadlines or time limits or constraints.

Most of our courses come complete with all the materials required to finish your study programme. We have built up a fantastic reputation for bookkeeping and Sage accounts training courses. We employ fully qualified I.C.B registered tutors to assist our students in these subjects and maintain a high standard of success in this area. We are also a registered Sage partner.

Student story

Emily Sturgeon contacted UK Open College recently regarding studying bookkeeping. Emily had no experience and really didn't know where to start. Not only that as a single parent on benefits was finding it difficult to juggle childcare and travelling to college a major problem. After being turned away by two other distance learning colleges because of the fees, Emily was overjoyed when the UK Open College said they would help her.

'I have just started a foundation bookkeeping course with them and it’s the best thing I ever done. The fees were only £65.00 plus delivery which doesn't sound like much. But when you are on benefit with two small children to feed its hard to find it all at once. I have agreed to pay £5.00 per week which is fantastic and this has really helped me kick-start my career in bookkeeping. I would certainly recommend The UK Open College to anyone.'

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