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"Flexible, affordable, quality Montessori teacher training leading to a level 4 Diploma, gained either part time or by distance learning and workshop"


As The Montessori Partnership we pride ourselves on the fact that our smaller size enables us to relate to our students individually, in an attentive, understanding and helpful way. Flexibility is at the heart of our approach to Montessori training and this enables our students to fit their studies around their other life commitments and complete their training successfully. This flexibility does not mean lack of rigour, however we trace the line of our Montessori training from Dr Maria Montessori herself through Phoebe Child and Margaret Homfray to Helen Wheatley, and on to Helen Prochazka, the Director.

The two Helens had both been involved in Montessori training for many years when they founded the Montessori Partnership in 1998. They did so because they were concerned that the Montessori teacher training available at that time was either becoming unaffordable, or that authentic Montessori principles were being watered down. Their aim was to offer prospective students affordable, high quality programmes of study to facilitate them realising their dream of becoming a Montessori teacher in the tradition of Dr. Montessori herself, and of Miss Child and Miss Homfray, and this aim still holds true today.

You can choose to study for the Montessori Diploma in Early Years Education (level 4 England, level 8 Scotland) either by taking a part time course that’s taught face to face, or by opting to study the theoretical component of the course by distance learning, supported by a two week practical workshop. Both options have an assessed teaching practice component that is a requirement for the award of the Diploma.

We run our part-time courses in different parts of the country to meet local demand. If there isn’t a course running near you, do think about the distance learning option. It’s pay as you go, so you only pay for the part of the course you’re actually working on at any one time, and as the student doing the studying you set your own pace, in true Montessori  fashion. The content of both modes of study is very similar, and the Diploma awarded at the end does not differentiate between them.

Our students carry out their teaching practice component in a Montessori school close to where they are based, and the assessment is shared between their supervising teacher and a specialist Montessori Partnership assessor who will make two visits to them in their placement.

For anyone wanting to become a Montessori Primary teacher we typically have one course cycle running at any given time. The entry requirement for this is either a Montessori Early Years qualification, or a first degree, either in education or in a related field. The preferred pattern for this training programme is six five day blocks over 18 months to two years, so please register your interest with us now if you might be interested in taking this training in future.

We also offer a level 2 course package for employers to train their Montessori classroom assistants in-house. Please contact us for details.


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