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"Increasing psychological intelligence through transactional analysis applied to personal, professional and organisational development"


Developing psychological intelligence using transactional analysis

We are a non-profit foundation that provides workshops and regular international webinars for coaches, consultants, managers, HR professionals, social workers, teachers, trainers – and anyone else with a responsibility for developing individuals, groups, families, teams, organisations or communities.

We offer a range of optional qualifications, from an attendance certificate right through to an MSc and international accreditation. We cover a variety of professional activities, with teaching that is tailored to each student, under the guidance of a personal adviser.

We run a rolling, multilevel programme so that students may begin at any time and get the benefit of a community of learning that adds cultural and professional diversity.

Although what we offer can lead to optional academic qualifications, our assessments are based on evidence of competence so we work with a system of portfolios of how you have applied what you are using. No artificial projects just to get a qualification!

We want you to be sure that what we offer will be of value to you, so we do not expect you to sign up until you have experienced some of our training – and then we let you count what you have already done. No pressure to pay your money before you know what you will be getting (apart from the relatively low fee for each workshop or webinar).

We encourage all potential students to make contact with us so that we can talk through options – although if you already know about transactional analysis then feel free to go ahead and make a booking and we can talk to you when you are here about what to do next.

p.s. we also offer the internationally-recognised introductory course known as the TA 101

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Contact details

We welcome enquiries and are happy to talk to you about how TA might fit your professional development. We do not charge for a chat about this as we are keen to bring TA to as many people as possible, even if you don't then train with us.

Just send us an email with a few details (e.g. why you are checking out a TA course, how you hope to use TA in your professional and/or personal life, whether you are you are considering the webinar option or if you are likely to attend workshops (in UK but occasionally we run these elsewhere and we can also tell you if there are qualified TA trainers near you).

If you already know about TA and are considering getting the qualifications, you can email us and also book yourself a convenient date and time to talk to our lead trainer, Julie Hay TSTA OPE, if you go to here  

By the way, you can also talk to Julie if you want to teach TA yourself to others - she runs the international TA Proficidency Awards and Professional Development schemes (TAPA and TAPDA) under which your own students, whether children or adults, can get certificates when they have learned some TA.  And, as the Editor of the International Journal of TA Research (www.ijtar.org - free access), she will be very happy to advise you if you are planning any research linked to TA.

To contact us, please use the form below or:
phone: +44 (0) 1992 550 246
skype: juliehay (we suggest you email to make an appointment for skype)
snailmail: PIFCIC, Wildhill, Broadoak End, Hertford SG14 2JA


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