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Introduction to Making Moves Confidence and Self Expression Courses

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Confidence and Self Expression

Claire SchraderClaire Schrader
Lecturer at Making Moves Confidence and Self Expression Courses

Claire Schrader is a specialist in confidence and self expression and has developed one of the fastest ways for quiet, reserved and inhibited people to break out of their shell and develop an effortless self-confidence. She started out in life as a shy violet until she discovered the way out through drama, theatre and improvisation and has been...more


Making Moves specialises in building confidence in quiet, reserved and introverted people, enabling them to communicate effectively in their personal and professional lives through a unique process - the Sunflower Effect.

Say goodbye to inhibitions, self-consciousness and develop an unshakeable self-confidence and you will discover that it is not just the outgoing, go-getting, socialites that get along in this world.

The Sunflower Effect is based on an adapted form of drama combined with the most effective personal development tools available, enabling participants to break out of their shell and develop a natural self-confidence - the fast, fun and easy way.

It doesn't matter how inhibited you think you are. Even extremely shy and self-conscious people have, in time, been able to say goodbye to their reticence, and uncovered the natural self-confidence that lies buried within them. The Sunflower Effect is probably one of the most effective ways of overcoming shyness.

It works on the principle that the very thing that poses the deepest challenge for most quiet and reserved people - doing drama, being in the spotlight - is the thing that will liberate you from the internal restrictions that are holding you back.

Making Moves courses provide a very safe environment in which you can gradually expand your comfort zone, bit by bit so that you will find yourself easily accomplishing the things that used to be challenging for you. This could be speaking up in front of groups,  socialising with your peers, networking, holding your own with dominant personalities, delivering presentations and reports or advancing your career prospects.

Making Moves was founded in 1997 by confidence specialist Claire Schrader who started out in life as the proverbial wallflower and is living proof that a shy introvert need not live on the sidelines. Claire has been helping people come out of their shell the fast, fun and easy way  - express themselves with confidence and authority - and achieve powerful breakthroughs in their lives.

You will feel at home in these courses if you learn better in a friendly and supportive group (8-12 participants) rather than an anonymous class. These courses will also suit you if your are interested in personal development or are highly motivated to improve your prospects.

Learn more about the kind of people Making Moves courses has helped, see Hotcourses reviews or visit her website and learn how she went from wallflower to award-winning playwright, author,  drama school trainer and to developing the Sunflower Effect.

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Who is it for?

Making Moves Confidence courses are specifically designed for quiet, reserved, shy or introverted people who feel sidelined by the highly competitive world we live in which rewards extraverted skills and personalities.

One of the reasons that many confidence-building methods don't work is because there is a complex psychological process that is keeping you locked behind powerful internal walls. The Sunflower Effect, the highly effective confidence building system developed by Claire Schrader, will enable you to dissolve those internal walls and get right to the root of the issue that is holding you back.

At the same time you will be developing the expressive skills that lie buried within you - you won't even know it is happening and for many people, this is also great fun.

The courses are designed for you if you :

  • want to improve your career prospects
  • want to communicate better at work
  • want to feel more comfortable in the spotlight and in making presentations
  • want to be more of a social success
  • want to overcome shyness
  • have lost your creative spark
  • want to get out of negative mindsets
  • want to overcome setbacks to your confidence
  • know you've got some serious emotional blockages to sort out
  • other approaches haven't worked


The Breakthrough Group  - a  really safe environment to break out of your shell, liberate yourself from shyness, reserve and self-consciousness, release the emotional blocks that are holding you back and make powerful breakthroughs in your personal and professional life. We recommend this course if you still have shyness on your radar in some form or other or feel inhibited in many situations.

Finding Your Voice - if you want to make more of a “noise” in the world, have difficulty being heard or have anxiety when speaking in groups. Unlike most presentation courses which throw you up onto a platform, this course helps you to overcome your fears of speaking in front of groups through a gradual, interactive process that enables you to find your authentic voice and build a natural self-confidence. It will also help you identify your "true voice". This is designed for people who have reached a certain level of confidence but who find being in the spotlight very challenging.

"I Don't Know What to Say" Improvisation for social confidence - a very powerful and effective course for building verbal confidence, releasing inhibitions, over coming limiting mind sets and learning how to be witty and humorous in social situations. We recommend this for people who have reached a certain level confidence but find they feel tongue-tied or  "dry up" when under pressure. It is also a good followup from the Breakthrough Group or the Finding Your Voice Group.

You'll find all of these courses on Hotcourses.

The best way to get started is to visit her website and sign up for Claire's newsletter and get her eBook The Self-Confidence Myth, for free.  The eBook will provide valuable information, help you on your path to emerging from your shell and will also help you to get more out of her courses.

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How it works?

The reason that Making Moves Courses are so effective at improving confidence levels is because the Sunflower Effect combines these four elements:

  • safety
  • self-expression
  • fun and laughter
  • overcoming unconscious blocks


All Making Moves courses provide a very safe space for you to come out of your shell with a group of people you can really trust – who won’t judge you, criticise you, and who are 100% in support of you breaking out of your shell. This helps to counteract the effects of having your confidence undermined in the past.

Claire creates an informal, relaxed, non- judgmental atmosphere that will quickly put you at your ease, and free you from the internal pressures that normally inhibit you from expressing yourself.  Too much stretch and you will clam up – as you know only too well.

Claire has developed a powerful confidence-building system, the Sunflower Effect using an adapted form of drama. This is very different from the kind of drama that you might experience at a normal drama class.  It has been carefully combined with some of the most effective personal development tools that will enable you to make a profound shift in the way you express yourself at work and in your personal life.


There are few outlets for self-expression in our world. And in the course of withdrawing into your shell, you will have repressed many things. As a result, you will have shut down many parts of yourself which will have a knock on effect of shutting down aspects of your personal power. This may show up as a lowered confidence, self-esteem issues, depression and feeling stuck. (It may also sap your energy leading to minor and sometimes major health issues.)

Making Moves Courses provide a healthy outlet for this emotion through experiential exercises in which you will have an opportunity to play out powerful characters from mythology enabling you to shift out habitual modes of being and play out the many aspects of yourself. And gradually over time, the walls that have kept you locked away will simply melt away.

Fun and laughter are a very important part of the process. You will have an opportunity to discovering the innocence and freedom of being a child at play (even if this sounds very challenging for you) – and this is particularly important if you are someone who gets caught up in the serious things of life or doesn’t even think that you can play.

Play too can shift energy and debilitating emotional states very quickly. One client has described this as “profound play”.  It is light-hearted and yet also deeply meaningful revealing important insights and discoveries.


But the real beauty of this approach is that it works directly with the unconscious patterns deeply buried within you. This is what makes the Sunflower Effect distinctive and sets it apart from other courses. It is these unconscious patterns that have kept you stuck, locked away in your shell, or unable to change however much you want to.

In enacting carefully chosen stories, you will be able to bring about change to suppressed aspects of your experience – without realising what’s actually happening.

It is as powerfully therapeutic and transforming as any therapy without the needing to delve into painful past experiences. And at the same time, it is very liberating and great fun.

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Sky TV interview

How to stop shyness from ruining your life

Claire Schrader (director of Making Moves) was interviewed on the Chrissy B Show for a programme, “How to stop shyness from ruining your life” – SKY TV (channel 203).

Claire was interviewed along with two very brave Making Moves participants by Chrissy B and shared their story of their painful battle with shyness. Above is the 12 minute edited version of the programme.

The Chrissy B show is an upbeat, positive show that explores a very wide range to topics around mental health – in the widest meaning of the word – and addresses topics that are rarely aired on TV.


Book: From Wallflower to Sunflower

Claire Schrader's book, From Walflower to Sunflower - the quiet person's path to natural self confidence is available on Amazon. See the book's website

Praise for Claire Schrader and From Wallflower to Sunflower

Claire Schrader’s new confidence-building system, the Sunflower
Effect fills in the gaps where assertiveness training and other techniques
leave off. If you are a wallflower and you’ve tried practically everything
else, read this book and discover that all the things that people have
been saying about you are plainly not true.
Raymond Aaron, NY Times Best Selling Author

Claire Schrader’s new book gives hope to anyone who finds
themselves trapped as a wallflower. I have seen for myself how easily
and quickly Claire can help people step out of their mental ‘prison’,
which they may have been stuck in for years and instead in a playful
manner reconnect with their natural inner confidence, joy and
freedom. I find that Claire’s methods and compassionate approach
compliments hypnotherapy as clients can actually practise, explore
and build on what they achieve through hypnotherapy, whilst being
held in a safe space. You don’t need to be a wallflower anymore; you
can become the sunflower that you really are. This book will show you
Kirsten Dahlerup, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master

From Wallflower to Sunflower is an essential companion for anyone
just setting out across this daunting landscape, to help build the
necessary bridges and create the foundation for reaching an
individually defined, positive personal destination. It includes a highly
detailed account of the author's self-development journey, its setbacks
and challenges - often full of pain and doubt - but ultimately one of
self-discovery, transformation and resolution. There are
comprehensive exercises, strongly reflecting the type of work done
during face-to-face sessions and on group courses at Making Moves.
There is access to online resources to back-up and intensify the
exercises presented throughout the book. As someone who uses the
Bach Flower remedy system I found useful parallels between the
extended metaphors of the author's Wallflower and Sunflower states,
which define attitudes towards our lives, emotions and imbalances.
Fran Singer Artist, Teacher and Therapist

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How to book

To apply or to join one of the courses, please visit our courses on Hotcourses where you will find basic details about each course or you can visit our website.

You can then either book online for any course by visiting our website or set up a free 15-minute telephone consultation with Claire to be sure that the course is right for you. All course are currently run by Claire.

You'll be given an opportunity to provide some information about yourself, e.g. your interest in the course, why you think it might help you, any previous experience you've had, etc.

Sometimes people choose to come to an individual session with Claire first if they are not feeling quite ready to join a course.

Alternatively, you can call Claire on 0208 838 0329 or 0750 1127813.

If you sign up for the Making Moves Newsletter on the Making Moves website, you will also receive a free copy of Claire eBook, The Self Confidence Myth.  This can be a really good way of discovering if the courses are right for you, and will help you on your path to expressing yourself with confidence and authority. The e-book includes powerful exercises and information that will also help you to get more out of the course if you should choose to participate.

You will also receive the Making Moves Newsletter with announcements and reminders of when courses are being offered about along with articles and resources about various aspects of self expression.

We look forward to receiving your booking.

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How to get started

It can feel like a very big leap to learn about Claire's confidence courses and then start thinking of booking onto one of them.

Particularly if you’ve been in your shell.

Participating is the one thing you find hard – particularly with people you don’t know.

One of the best ways of finding out about whether these courses will work for you is through attending a low-cost Introductory Evenings which Claire which she runs in the lead up to each round of courses.

You'll find yourself with a group of people who feel just as apprehensive as you, and at the end of the evening you may be surprised to discover how much you have  enjoyed the evening, and how energised and positive you feel.

For details and booking visit our website.

Here's what one participant said about her experience:

"I was recommended by my friend (who had a significant breakthrough as a result of going to Making Moves Courses) to go to the Introductory Evening.  He was so shy and reserved at university and was now super confident with a flashy job and had even moved out of his parents’ home! I had to try whatever was working for him.

During the session, I took the plunge and let go of my inhibitions. I never really knew what confidence meant, but doing human sculptures really helped make this notion tangible. I also thought being confident was an outer manifestation like in Pygmalion or in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts wears the right outfits and fits the bill. Claire helped me to activate my inner self and BE CONFIDENT!! I was King Arthur and Merlin and Queen Boudica and embodying these characters felt amazing. I emerged from the session feeling really great and that had really achieved something.

The next week I was at a job interview with a corporate law firm and I felt so confident – and I was amazed I got my dream job!! I also went on to do some 1-1 sessions with Claire and her "I Don't Know What to Say" - improvisation for social confidence course - to follow up the good work." Zahra Kaya, lawyer


Or you may want to download the free eBook The Self Confidence Myth by signing up for the Making Moves Newsletter. This will give you a good idea of how the courses work and why the Sunflower Effect is so effective at building confidence.

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Student story

An account from a participant that includes her experience of the Performance Course - Performing, the Pathway to Freedom.

Brian Barber - Finding Your Voice, Individual Sessions

Brian is a teacher but because he was an introvert,  he held back from expressing himself in the way that he knew he could and needed to in his job. Therefore he found it hard to communicate with authority, for fear that other woulds dislike him. He was unaware of the natural authority that he already had and as he participated in the course, more of his natural qualities began to emerge.

"Claire is totally supportive. She doesn't help with plain theory only: the place we are in, she's been there before.

Claire won't tell you who you are, how to behave, where to go... Moreover, she's very clear from the beginning about the absence of "miracles" when it comes to overcome a problem.

Along the sessions (group and individual)these questions become more clarified, not because they're learnt or have immovable solutions but because you discover that you have the choice of how "to use" them within yourself.

With particular and simple exercises and some useful tips, she will guide you in order for you to find possible answers to your problems. It's like she's giving you a flashlight and basic tips about how to use it, but it's you at the end of the day the one who must decide where to point the light to.

Personally I think that the use of drama and different roles in these exercises is the best and most efficient way of understanding  how we function in life in conscious and unconsciously.

The advice  you get from her does not end at the end of the course or the session. It's a daily life self discovery that will last for years to come."

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Contact details

For more information about Making Moves Courses and to make contact please follow this link:

Making Contact

Alternatively you can call 0208 838 0329.

You can also visit any course page on my website and send us a confidential message, telling us a little more about your situation and what is drawing you to consider a Making Moves Course. We'll get back to you for a confidential chat where you can ask any questions that you.

You can also speak to Jane, who has participated in most Making Moves Courses on 07584 045539.  She usually answers but please leave a voicemail stating your number clearly and she’ll get back to you as soon as she can.

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