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Justin is a very patient and excellent teacher. I have very much enjoy all clas...more

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A magician for over 30 years and a magic teacher for 5 years, Justin Higham is well placed to teach the principles and techniques of close-up magic with playing-cards and borrowed objects.  From beginner level to advanced, Justin applies a bespoke method of teaching designed to suit the individual student; there is no 'one glove fits all' approach to teaching or learning magic.

Whether you want to learn a few easy tricks, take up magic as a hobby, or become a professional conjuror, magic lessons with a professional teacher will help you achieve your goals.  An experienced magic instructor can teach in a few lessons what imight otherwise takes years to learn by oneself.  Most importantly, the teacher provides the student with constructive feedback, which hones the student's skills in a way which cannot be achieved when working alone.

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