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"We offer Project Managers and IT Professionals high level self-study training."


Thank you for considering ITonlinelearning for your training needs.

ITonlinelearning is a specialist training provider that helps Project Managers and IT Professionals learn new skills and gain the latest in-demand certifications. Increase your employment and earning potentials with ITonlinelearning!

We offer more than just online training courses and can tailor a training solution to include:

  • Engaging online Tutor Led Courses
  • Easy Interest Free monthly payments
  • Live Labs where you can practice on real Servers, Routers and Switches
  • 24/7 Support from expert Support Mentors
  • Vast Online Library of IT Manuals and Text Books
  • Sample Code and Lab Exercises for Developers
  • Exam Simulators so you can prepare for your exams with confidence

Why not try our Training for Free?

Try our training for free and get immediate access to a wide range of our courses in our Demo Library. We also offer free demos for our Live Labs option and for our practice exams. Explore our quality online training and make an informed choice with ITonlinelearning!

Check who is using our training!

ITonlinelearning supplies courses to a wide range of companies, schools and public sector organisations. In addition to this, we also provide training solutions to some of the UK's top universities and colleges; such as University College London (UCL), University of Manchester, University of Plymouth and many more. Choose ITonlinelearning for a high quality online education.

Why not Chat to us?

Our friendly Course and Career Advisors are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Chat to us over the phone or via our Live Chat option.

Speak to our Expert Course and Career Advsiors Today!

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Special Offers

Special Offers

ITonlinlearning is proud to announce the launch of its latest special offers!
Here you can find a variety of courses covering areas such as Project Management, IT and more. These new and revolutionary course bundles are the starting point for anyone who sees themselves as being a certified professional.

Have a look at our current special offers and easy monthly payments:

New to Project Management

This training bundle is perfect for both those who are new to the field of Project Management and those who are looking to validate their experience with an internationally recognised certification.

New to IT Study Bundle

The New to IT Study Bundle is perfect for those that are eagerly looking to enter into the IT sector and will also ideally suit those at the early to mid-level stages of their IT careers.

New to Programming

For those that are new to Programming, this package will provide you with the foundation needed to start a career as a computer programmer.

With our Special Offer Study Bundles, you have unlimited access to a variety of courses for up to 12 months. This gives you the flexibility to choose which courses you want to study and when. The study bundles offer exceptional value and, to offer additional assistance to our students, you can pay with easy interest free monthly payments.

It’s clear to see that here at ITonlinelearning we’re always looking after our students best interests.

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Free Demo

Speak to us today for a free access trial!

Not only is there a wide selection of courses to explore in our demo library, but you can also view exciting demos of our Live Labs option - where you get practical experience working on real live Servers, Routers and Switches! Additionally, there are demos of the Practice Exams which will assist you in preparing for your examinations with confidence. 



Training for your Team

At ITonlinelearning we know how important it is to have certified and skilled employees however, training can be expensive and/or difficult to arrange. As a forward-thinking organisation, we saw there was a need for a tailored learning solution, and so we set out to give our customers just that. 


Tailored Learning Solution

We offer a learning solution that can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of your organisation. Qualified and dedicated employees are considered gold in any industry. Not only do those employees perform better, but they can affect the organisation as a whole!
Therefore we offer training that is suited to you and your organisation so that at the end of the day, it’s your team members that gain the knowledge and skills they need.


Personalised Element

With our vast experience in the training sector, we feel that some of the most effective training is found when students experience that personal touch. We know, nobody wants to be treated as merely a number.

We give training a personalised element to make sure training is effective and can even customise the package to suit the training needs of each team member!


Discounts for 5+ users!

Here at ITonlinelearning we consider the needs of your employees so that you receive so much more for your training budget. We offer significant discounts for 5+ users, and even further discounts for 10+ users. 


Return on investment

Most employers have a goal of sending employees on training for the purpose of hopefully one day receiving a return on investment. We understand how important a skilled work force can impact your organisation, and as a result we ensure that candidates receive world-class training.


Learning Management System

As an added bonus, we even have a Learning Management System which provides you with full control of your team’s learning to monitor their studies, and the overall training progress.


Needing to train a large workforce?

For as little as £60 per employee, you can train your entire workforce and have total control over your training. We offer a number of different solutions which can be tailored to your specific needs. 
In addition to courses, we also offer 24/7 Support, Live Labs and an Online Library to increase the resources available to your team. 


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Suite 7, The Oast

Sittingbourne, Kent

ME10 4HE

0800 160 1161

+44 1795 436 969


Dimitri Dimopoulous - “From the start when I enquired about the service and explained what my needs were, Natalie was quick to respond and help me find the correct course that suited my needs. Her manner was and is very kind, polite with a great sense of humour combined with the professionalism that is needed to fulfil a clients needs. I would highly recommend Natalie and ITonlinelearning.”

Kashif Ali - “As a whole ITonlinelearning is amazing.. I think my course advisor Natalie is the main key player. I am surprised with her quick and friendly response and such a great service. I am spreading the word already about her. I am surprised with the Labs, course material, video training, support. These courses are giving me great confidence and I can see my future now.”

Agnieszka Misztal - “I would like to take the moment to share my experience, which I encountered with ITonlinelearning. The information covered in the program was very helpful and informative, the system was easy to use and understand and team members were incredibly professional and supportive. Overall I am very pleased with the service, due to the fact I have managed to pass the exam first time round. I would like to thank all team members for support and directions.”

Dave - “Very helpful, very friendly, and knew what she was doing. I have a great deal of options now moving forward, thank you.”

Tia - “I want to thank Matthew for all his exceptionally knowledgeable help given today, I was unsure about almost every aspect of which courses were right for me but with his help and understanding, we were able to sort all issues in my own time and more! Safe to say it was Matthew that really sold ITonlinelearning courses to me and I am looking forward to my new career course. If only all help agents were this brilliant!”

Andy Hinchcliff - “What a fantastic agent, no pressure, lots of help and assistance, hope when i come back for further training that i will get to deal with Natalie”

Kim Simons - “At ITonlinelearning the Course Advisors were great in helping me choose courses that would be better for me, and setting it up was quick and easy. I have passed 2 exams and will be purchasing my next course soon”

Arnie Wright - Liz and the team at ITonlinelearning have provided excellent customer service. Liz has enthusiastically supported my through my studies. One exam behind me with 2 more to go. I have recommended you to my Manager and the rest of the team.

Ted Birch - “I am based in Dubai and used ITonlinelearning to pass my PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams. The material available through ITonlinelearning was first class. Great service from Matthew (Course Advisor)”

Andrew Coleman - Hello Alex – I would like to thank you for your help with my purchase the other day. I have been getting used to the system and the live labs and I’m very happy with the learning experience. I found your advice and help extremely useful. Thank you for your understanding and consideration in regards to my visual impairment, I feel very confident and self-assured that I will progress really well with this course.

Mohamed Sidi - “Natalie is very responsive and attentive to student requests and needs. I particularly found her advice on what courses to pursue useful.”

Joe Stuart - Thanks Dean – I have already passed Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner exams. The material available through the on-line learning was first class. Will definitely be using it as revision material as I utilise Prince 2 in practice.

Rob Yang - I’m currently using ITonlinelearning portal to update my IT skills so are my technicians. I wish to express my gratefulness and amazement of how professional this faculty is. Any problems that I have experienced with my learning were addressed promptly and effectively by the online-chat agent as well as our dedicated account manager, the service quality is definitely international standard. I would recommend anyone to consider using ITonlinglearning to keep their IT knowledge up-to-date as it is the best on-line IT training faculty in the UK. Thank you for everything!

Misi Omosowoeni - Bo (Course Advisor at ITonlinelearning) not only advised me well about the certifications available pre-sale but has been very supportive during my studies and with questions I have had.

Santiago Alvarez - As a happy successful student of your e-learning programs, I must say that I accomplish to get the certification of ITIL v3 Foundation last Friday, at the first attempt with a 90% score! I must say now that the ITIL material you provide is excellent, and my outstanding record can be taken as a proof of it (as I don’t consider myself a particularly smart person..) Please count me as a very satisfied customer in your success case experiences, also quote me if you wish to.

Paul I Ighofose - Although I have not yet taken full advantage of the course material on offer to me, I have found that your training has given me a head start in my study of SQL Server 2008. Home studies relies on the student having all the necessary software and this in it’s self adds to the learning experience of build, maintenance and use. I have found following the course program somewhat easier than learning from Published Microsoft Books that rely on the student referring to samples that no longer work due to various software version changes.

Adeshina James - I have had a good experience using the product,and the staff have been very helpful. They have helped me throughout my studies and was able to complete my prince 2 foundation in a short period of time, still using the product for my practisioner stage. Thank you very much guys.

Peter Keast - Bo (Course Advisor at ITonlinelearning) is a very knowledgeable individual in the field of IT training and is always quick to understand my organisations requirements with the added benefit of delivering excellent value for money. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value.

 Kim Mars - I found the course was extremely well put together, with a very intuitive combination of graphics and speech. Jeremy at ITonlinelearning was great in helping me decide what would be the best course for me, and setting it up was quick and easy. I would recommend them to anyone, and I hope to do more of their courses in the future.

Joe Baya - Having looked around for courses that I wanted to take and learn at my own pace, I have found Bo Ibrahim to be courteous, friendly and helpful without the hard selling. He was able to advise me to the relevant courses open to me which would benefit me, in line with current market needs. The courses were particularly useful to me as it is in small modules and this can be run without having to go to the beginning again, which I use as revision and to resolve technical issues at client’s sites. When I did have an issue Bo and his colleague were more than willing to help out and advice quickly. Overall I would certainly recommend anyone to have a chat with Bo if remote IT learning is what you want and need

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NUS Extra Student Card

Offset the cost of your training with an NUS Extra Student Card.

As an ITonlinelearning student, you will qualify for your own NUS Extra Student Card.

Enjoy savings when you buy from online or high street shops, bars, restaurants and travel companies across the UK.

The savings you make over a year, could completely offset the cost of your courses!

Speak to us today about getting your NUS card!


Live Labs

At ITonlinelearning we give students access to our Live Labs. Through our Live Labs, we take your learning a step further by providing you with access to live systems through cloud computing. Live Labs are there to help you build practical real-world experience from the comfort of your home by giving you the ability to work on complex system configurations without the need to purchase any expensive hardware.

What is a Live Lab?
A Live Lab is physical hardware that you can access through your computer’s browser. It is a simulation that is made up of real computer equipment networked together and then conveniently accessed using the internet on your computer. 

Why do I need Live Labs? 
Live Labs serve the purpose of allowing students to access hardware so that they can practice and gain real experience in preparation for their exams.

This experience of working on a Live Lab is also something for students to add on to their CV, which as a result, may improve chances of securing employment. 

Why It’s Better To Go With Live Labs

• Cost effective
• No time involved with setting up
• No struggling to access appropriate physical lab gear
• Not responsible for the hardware set up
• Accessible anywhere, any time
• Option of system resets without repercussions
• No cost of running the routers and switches
• Not limited by the amount of routers
• Gives you access to the latest technology


Here at ITonlinelearning we cut your worries in half! Now you don’t have to worry about exam preparation or struggling through course material. With Live Labs you will have all the practise you need to make sure you understand what’s covered in the course, and what’s expected in the working world.  

Gaining access to the latest technology through our Live Labs, is just another reason why you should sign up for one of our world class courses today! 

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