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"We provide distance learning education on over 100 exciting career and lifestyle focused courses; from business and event to design and health."


Distance learning at International Career Institute offers the training students need - for a new career, higher pay, or a promotion - right in the comfort of their homes or at work. The Institute offers over 100 exciting and challenging courses at the certificate, diploma and advanced diploma levels.

Programs are offered in the areas of business; professional services; desktop applications; events, media & PR; languages; and design.

Courses offered at ICI








Previous work experience or educational qualifications are not required for entry into any course level. Students may enrol directly into the diploma or advanced diploma levels without completing lower ranked qualifications.

Duration of the course
Students have the option to complete their course as quickly or as slowly as it suits them. Most courses can be completed in less than a year with just one hour of study a day. The maximum time allotted to complete a course is three years, though extensions are available upon application.

Tutor support
Every student is allotted a highly experienced and supportive personal tutor to guide them through the exercises and answer all their doubts, so students are never on their own any time during their course. Prompt feedback on all written assignments motivates students and ensures that they are on the right track.

Course completion
Qualification is awarded once students successfully complete all units of work. There is no final examination as students are periodically accessed via assignments and exercises across each unit of the course.

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Why ICI?

10 Reasons Why ICI is the Best Choice for You

  • ICI offers a wide range of programs in the key areas of business; professional services; desktop applications; events, media & PR; languages; and design.
  • The Institute provides a convenient learning schedule that allows students to study at home or at work and still achieve their goals.
  • At ICI students can study at their own pace. They are given a lot of flexibility in choosing how quickly they would like to complete their assignments and their course.
  • Every student is assigned their own personal tutor who can offer expert advice, answer their questions and assess their work.
  • All learning materials that students will need for the duration of their entire course are provided at no extra cost.
  • Courses are competitively priced and very affordable. Students have the choice of an upfront payment option (10% discount) or interest free weekly or monthly instalments.
  • According to the ICI Student Graduate Survey, 2008, the employment success rate within one month of course completion is an incredible 91 per cent!
  • ICI is internationally accredited and recognised. All the courses have been developed in consultation with industry professionals, which provide an excellent link to the career of your choice.
  • ICI Career Services assists graduates in gaining employment by way of resources contacts, resume assistance, job searches, interview preparation, and career counselling and advice.
  • ICI provides valuable career skills that students can use on the job. 

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About ICI

The International Career Institute (ICI) is a leading provider of distance education and delivers over 100 exciting courses to a broad range of people and businesses worldwide. The Institute offers self-paced, professional-level distance learning programs to thousands of students at home or work. Experienced industry based faculty and the latest resources at ICI prepare students for a better and brighter future.

Study programs
International Career Institute offers career courses at the certificate, diploma and advanced diploma levels. Programs are offered in the areas of business; professional services; events, media & PR; languages; and design.

International Recognition

  • ICI has established formal standing with various government and industry bodies
  • The Institute is supported by professionals throughout the world
  • Courses are developed in co-operation with government education agencies and industry representatives
  • ICI graduates have obtained employment and established successful businesses across a wide range of industries
  • Around 32 per cent of ICI students are employees of companies and government departments.

Advantages of distance learning at ICI

  • Studying by correspondence gives you greater flexibility.
  • At ICI you can start a course at any time of the year with our regular intake dates.
  • There are no classes to attend, so ICI students have the ability to develop their own learning schedule.
  • There are no formalised timetables at ICI, which means you can complete your course around full-time work.
  • Highly qualified tutors guide you through the exercises and answer all your questions
  • There is no final examination as you would have already demonstrated your competency across each unit of your course
  • You will receive an attractive certificate upon completion of your course.

International Career Institute is accredited and recognised by the International Association of Private Career Colleges (IAPCC) which ensures that the Institute's course content, course delivery, student assessments, administration and tutorial faculty all meet the high standards set by IAPCC. ICI is also a member of the College of Teachers that was founded by Royal Charter (UK) in 1849.

As an internationally recognised distance education provider, ICI endeavours to abide by its motto, "Secure Your Future", by offering students the best educational support.

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Student's Stories

Rachel Clarke: I received everything I needed to become a Jewellery Designer. The ICI Jewellery Design course provided me with an impressive course which not only taught me how to design and make jewellery but also how to sell my creations.

Michael Mittiga: I wasn't able to leave my full time job to study so distance learning suited me best. I was able to set my own timetable and submit assessments around my own commitments. Had it not been for the flexible nature of the course I would not have been able to complete my studies! 

Susan Evans: I embarked on this journey a little over 24 weeks ago. As I progressed through every module my confidence grew and I learnt skills which have produced some breath taking photos. I never knew I would enjoy assignments so much.

John Chan: I strongly recommend the business management course to everyone interested in running a successful business! I can't tell you how happy I am with the course and what it has enabled me to do in my business. It's just amazing.

Tracy Batram: I found the floristry course very informative and gained proper knowledge on the floristry industry in all aspects. The tutors were great and very helpful with any questions I asked. I would recommend this course to anyone who loves flower arranging or has a desire for a new career in this industry. A very detailed, fun and informative course.


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How to enrol

Taking up a course at ICI is an extremely easy process. Once students select the course of their interest they can access the International Career Institute website. This offers course overviews, course outlines, course fees, student testimonials, and information on career services for graduates.

The next step is to enrol in a program, which the student can accomplish in any one of the four ways:

  • The fastest and easiest method is to enrol online.
  • To enrol via phone, students can call 1300 131 582.
  • Students can also download the application form and fax it to the Institute at 02 8212 8008.
  • Alternatively, they can download and complete the application form and mail it to:
    International Career Institute
    27 Old Gloucester St
    WC1N 3AX
    United Kingdom

Entry requirements
None of the courses require students to have prior knowledge of the subject, so students have the option to enrol directly into the diploma or advanced diploma levels without completing lower ranked qualifications.

Contact us
International Career Institute
27 Old Gloucester St
United Kingdom

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Postgraduation Support

ICI Career Services provides a range of free career services that helps students kick start their careers on completion of their courses. The services are designed to help you find employment or even start your own business. According to the 2008 ICI Student Graduate Survey, the employment success rates is an amazing 91 per cent for graduates, within one month of course completion. This speaks for the credibility of the courses that are all industry endorsed, thereby providing students with an excellent link to the career of their choice.

ICI Career Services include:

  • Resume Preparation: A Professional Resume Writer helps students in creating or updating their resume.
  • Job Searches: The employment search program helps students in landing a job suited to their interest, aptitude and location.
  • Cover Letter Design: Students are advised on how to build and design effective cover letters and follow-up letters.
  • Job Winning References: ICI provides a letter of reference where appropriate for students who have successfully completed course requirements.
  • Interview Preparation: Students are offered invaluable tips on preparing for an interview and are advised on how to answer the most commonly asked questions.
  • Free Unlimited Consultations: Professional tutors and staff advise students on all career and business related matters that include counselling services, career research guidance and planning, and advice on employment markets.

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Contact details

27 Old Gloucester Street, 
United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX