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"The Excel with Business approach to learning is simple, effective & efficient. Our authors are proven subject matter experts, our platform is engaging"


Formed in 2009, Excel with Business was created by founders Marc, Vin and Chris to solve a problem close to their hearts – ineffective Microsoft Excel training. As three Strategy and Management Consultants they understood the importance of being able to apply Excel in a business context.

They felt existing training was missing a trick. It typically taught everything, creating long and laborious courses – rather than focusing on the most business-relevant parts of Excel… so an idea was born:

A business relevant Excel training course that was affordable and personalised for each person taking it.

The first Excel course quickly attracted over 100,000 users. Fast forward a few years and we have more courses to learn a wider range of skills, a patent granted on our technology that personalises each course, and our obsession with MS Excel remains as strong as ever!

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