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"We offer courses in 10 different languages, taught by qualified native speakers who conduct lessons in a creative, interactive and fun way."


Ealing School of Languages was established in July 2010. Our tutors are fully qualified native speakers with a great deal of teaching experience of up to 20 years. Most tutors are former university teachers and are actively involved in higher and further education institutions in the UK.
In collaboration with Ealing Council Adult Learning Service we offer courses in 8 languages: Arabic, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

We aim to teach languages in a creative, interactive and fun way allowing students to learn whilst having an enjoyable time. Our lessons are based in real life tasks and situations.

Our Levels

  • Beginners
  • Post-Beginners
  • Lower Intermediate
  • Higher Intermediate
  • Advanced

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Evening classes for students from all walks of life. Students attend language classes usually once a week. Some students learn a language for their job, others to travel and go on holidays or to talk to friends and family, or just for fun and leisure. They all share their enthusiasm and interests with the class.

How to Enrol

If you would like to enrol please send us an email. You can also enrol by filling an enrolment form on our website.


  • 'I have achieved my goal and will carry on studying' -  Spanish student
  • 'Most instructive and enjoyable course, excellent teacher' -  Mandarin student
  • 'I think the teacher is the most motivated person I have ever had the good fortune to meet' - Mandarin student
  • 'Very good teacher really motivates you to study' - Mandarin student
  • 'The teacher gave good extra materials to help which I appreciated a lot' - Italian student
  • 'Enjoyable course with a great teacher' - Japanese student
  • 'Excellent work by our teacher, very well presented and structured' - Spanish student
  • 'Materials, e.g. worksheet, internet clips for songs and news, excellent' - French student
  • 'A very well run and organised course. Interactive learning and shared experiences within the class was great, excellent tutor' - Spanish student
  • 'I really enjoyed the course, I would like to carry on next year to be able to understand and communicate' - Italian student
  • 'Great start to learning Italian, though it is expensive initially both lessons and books but it proved well worth money in both instances' - Italian student
  • 'Our teacher is great, very helpful and teaches at a pace that suits everyone' - Italian student
  • 'I would like to continue next year. I really enjoyed the course and our lovely teacher! I would encourage people to learn more foreign languages it only can help to the whole society' - Spanish student

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