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"Barony Training at Barony Consulting Group has been providing leading-edge training and education courses since 1993 across the United Kingdom."


Barony Consulting Group Limited, is a dynamic independent consultancy and training provider, which has been working with the public and private sectors since 1993 in developing new and improved services. We provide a range of services and supports in pursuit of these objectives, including Training, Education, Management Consultancy, Technical and IT Consultancy and Related Courses, and Workshops, Barony’s roots can be traced back to 1993. Since then, it has achieved a reputation of thought leadership and undertakes a number of innovative projects for both Local Government and Central Government in the United Kingdom, and for private sector organisations throughout the UK and internationally. Barony has over 200 organisational sector clients.

Barony has 8 full time staff and supplemented by 120 highly qualified associates. These staff have all held senior management positions in local and central government, and in the private sector. Our associates include former CEOs, Finance Directors, and Senior Executives in Social Care, Education, Commissioning, CIPS, as well as Revenues and Benefits Heads from local government. We organise on a customer-focused team basis to deliver results for our clients.



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Subject strengths


Adobe Creative (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat)
Data Protection and GDPR
Website Design / Social Media / WordPress
DIALUX Lighting Design
Construction Management and Development
HR / Diversity / Anti-Discrimination / Prevention of Sexual Harassment
IT Skills for Executives
Corporate Development
Ethics and Governance

Student life

We provide ongoing tutorial support and advice to all our students to help them to achieve the standards they need for their coursework.


We can offer our courses to you as public courses, in-house at your premises, or by Distance Learning and eLearning.


Our main location is in Covent Garden right in the heart of London.

How to enrol

You can enrol at any time of the year through our website, by email or over the telephone.

Open days

Our open days are at the start of each new cohort - 3 to 4 times a year.

Student story

Each course is practical and can be applied immediately to my workplace to help me in my performance and in my career development.

Contact details

Barony Consulting Group Limited,
71-75 Shelton Street,
Covent Garden,

Tel: 0208 8191563