Our guide to writing
Sydney Embray

Our guide to writing

First published date January 21 2016 Amended date January 21 2016

Always got your nose in a book?  Is your inbox filled with updates from your favourite blog?  And what about those shows on Netflix you’ve been binge-watching for ages?  If you’re a real pro at getting lost in the plot, chances are you’ve got some stories of your own to share with the world.  Why not take the leap with a course in writing and get started on your blog, or take your existing skills to new lengths with a course in novel writing?  Couch-creative’s everywhere can rejoice: with a course in screenwriting or scriptwriting, you could be the creator of the next Breaking Bad or Walking Dead. 

Whatever you want to write, with a great deal of different writing courses available in the classroom and online, there’s no schedule too busy or location too inconvenient to begin achieving your dreams of literary glory.


All about you

Everyone’s got a story.  Why not tell yours?  Blogging is an excellent way to share your voice, and with a wide range of specialized courses available, there’s something here for everyone.  Are your friends constantly asking you for outfit advice?  Chances are you’re a natural-born style guru and a course in fashion blogging can get you on the path to going viral.  Wanderlusts will love learning to document the wonders of the world in travel writing courses.  And if you’d like to leave a truly stunning legacy, a course in memoir writing will give you the skills to share the lessons and laughs of your life story with the world.


A real page turner

Get ready to become the next Woolf, Conan Doyle, or Rowling.  If dreaming up characters, places, and plots is your forte, a course in creative writing can help you get them all down on the page. You can learn from an expert and become a natural creating character and adopting different voices in your work. In creative writing, the possibilities really are endless!


The feature presentation

These courses are will give you everything you need to bring your vision to the nation through the box in their living room. Learn how to turn your dreams into episodes, short films, and features in screenwriting courses. Although every course will vary slightly, they will all teach you how to effectively break up stories into episodes, and write for the screen through practical exercises and theory.


From page to stage

Writing captivating dialogue for characters on the stage can be a difficult skill to master – look at the difference between a Shakespearian play and a novel. The audience will soon become bored if they feel they are being read a bedtime story, so a fast moving plot and dialogue is vital. A scriptwriting course can help you learn how to condense your words and entertain others.


Did you know?

William Shakespeare wasn’t the only one with an inventive mind! The author Jonathan Swift actually came up with the name Vanessa.

Arthur C. Clarke, author of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, predicted the internet in 1974—16 years before the World Wide Web was invented.

Talk about long-winded!  Jack Kerouac typed his novel ‘On the Road’ on one 120 foot roll of paper.


By Sydney Embray 

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