Our guide to teaching
Kristina K

Our guide to teaching

First published date November 14 2013 Amended date November 14 2013

It’s an enormous responsibility to be entrusted with the education of someone’s child, and as a teacher, your responsibility lies with thousands. Make a difference and shape young, hungry minds, and enrol on a teaching course. Whether you hope to work with little ones, in secondary schools or specialist areas, our wide range of courses are available for full time and short term study. Not everyone has a calling to educate the country’s future generation, so if it’s yours, it’s a very high privilege.  


Teaching – not a stroll in the park

Have you seen Educating Yorkshire on TV? Whilst we see how tough and challenging it is to teach some of the country’s most difficult students, we also feel such a huge sense of achievement when teacher Mr Burton took inspiration from The King’s Speech and put  11 year old Musharaf who suffers from a debilitating stammer on headphones so that he could read aloud. Musharaf managed to read a poem, which brought Mr Burton, Musharaf himself and probably the whole nation to tears of joy. If you’d love to make a difference in other Musharafs out there, train now to be a teacher.    


Become the next Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori is one of the best educators in history, having first gained recognition for her educational method that builds on the way children naturally learn. From discovering methods of teaching children with intellectual and developmental disabilities to opening a childcare centre focused on scientific observation, teachers soon adopted her Montessori approach. If you love working with toddlers and share Maria’s principles, enrol on childhood studies. Work with children and learn about early years care, address their psychological and physical needs, develop your communication skills and pick up creative methods to impart teaching - all done with practical training in mind. Whether you’re a nursery teacher or a childcare worker, these courses are great at getting you familiar with child development.


Are you a teaching assistant, learning support assistant or an adult learning teacher?

Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) is suitable for new entrants who don’t have prior teaching experience or even for those who are already working in the area who want to gain official qualifications. PTLLS is highly respected and benchmark for quality with a fair amount of work involved. Another option are the teaching assistant courses. They provide an excellent foundation to support young people in an array of educational settings such as special needs schools, infant, primary and secondary.


Are you qualified to do a PGCE?

If you already have a degree, the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) can be your next option. You’ll be expected to have a good understanding of your chosen subject, having studied for it in your degree level. Making a decision to study PGCE Primary or Secondary can be confusing, so always make sure that you’ve done some work experience in both environments. That way, you’ll be able to determine where your interests lie. Studying for a PGCE normally lasts for one year full time or up to two years part time. You’ll gain practical teaching experience, and teach and observe the development and learning of children.


Additional qualifications

Being a teacher doesn’t just involve teaching. It’s more than that. You’re there to motivate, counsel, take on the role of a parent in school, push children towards the right direction and help them discover their talents. To do all of that, there are counselling courses that train teachers various counselling approaches that are helpful in an educational setting, focused on practical strategies and techniques. Alternatively, teachers sometimes function as career advisors too, helping students make informed and realistic decisions about education, training and job options. Learn more about the employment industry and ways to help others develop and pursue a career path on our career counselling courses.


Job opportunities

Graduates can work in government and private schools both nationally and abroad. There are also opportunities to work in human services, training, children’s services, leadership-related areas, media and service industries. Specialists in outreach and community education find positions as student welfare teachers in disadvantaged schools or teachers in drug rehabilitation programs, detention facilities for youth, council outreach programs and centres with programs for disengaged youths.


Advice from a trainer – choosing the right course

‘A good teaching course prepares its participants for the job, ensures they have the correct level of knowledge and skills to teach their subject with confidence to a range of learners; is flexible and engaging and challenges preconceptions. It needs to be collaborative and based on real life context and emphasises the way the participant teaches rather than just learning the knowledge. It should include a significant amount of school based training that allows the trainee to work in good/outstanding schools with excellent teachers.’ – Jeremy Coninx, managing director of Hibernia College UK (HCUK), a leading provider in teacher training.


Funny facts about real teachers

·         They’ll mark homework in the car, during commercials and in faculty meetings

·         They never sit down without first checking the seat of the chair

·         They understand the importance of making sure every kid gets a Valentine

·         They can ‘sense’ chewing gum

·         They’ve never heard an original excuse. They know that dogs are carnivores and not ‘homework-avores’

·         They don’t take ‘no’ for an answer unless it’s written in a complete sentence

·         They’re solely responsible for the destruction of the rain forest!

·         They hear the heartbeats of crisis, always have time to listen, know they teach students and not subjects, and they are absolutely nonexpendable.

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