Our guide to tango
Justine Fedorowycz

Our guide to tango

Our guide to tango

Published August 07 2015

Are you a tango aficionado? Then take the steps to learn it! Lead your partner to the floor and strut, quick step and sweep your way through the traditional Argentinian and Uruguayan born dance. Incited by passion and, at times, spontaneity, tango couples theatrical flair with sharp steps. Tango has come a long way considering it used to be regarded as a sordid underground dance movement, and was even nearly banned by Argentinian right wing politicians in the mid 1950s. Now one of the most popular forms of dance around, refine your rhythm and improve your fitness levels when you learn to tango. 


Get ready to tango 

Beginners will start by learning the fundamental walking steps, before moving on to the eight-count basic which will give tango tenderfoots the chance to practice their moves at a steady pace. Generally, you’ll learn in pairs so will literally have somebody to fall back on should you stumble.

One of the most significant parts of any tango dance is the abrazo position, better known as the embrace that precedes the beginning of the dance. The abrazo embrace is designed to set the tone for the rest of the dance, so mastering this as a partnership might take a bit of hard graft.

Tango exudes a sense of urgency and fiery passion, and to achieve this you might need to put on a bit of an act. The process of playing a role whilst navigating your way around a dance floor as you learn to tango might be a little tricky in the beginning, but will become rooted within your mindset eventually.


Fitness first 

Everyone from fitness fanatics, social butterflies and dance devotees will benefit when they learn to tango. Without feeling like you are slogging it in the gym, you can easily burn over 100 calories in just half an hour of tango dancing. 

Loose and comfortable clothing is a must in order to accommodate the bold dance moves you’ll be rehearsing, so dress like you are going to the gym when heading off for your class (think elasticated!) Aside from appropriate attire, it’s essential that you bring plenty of bottled water in order to stay hydrated as tango is essentially a full body workout. But you can forget the single stem rose as it represents nothing more than a tired cliché.


What can I do to get ready for my course?

Practice some basic steps to music that you’ll be practicing to when you learn to tango. Even better, practice with a friend...just inform your partner beforehand if you’re intending to practice the whole dragging-them-across-the-dance-floor move.


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