Our guide to Photoshop for photographers

Our guide to Photoshop for photographers

First published date January 21 2014 Amended date January 22 2014

So, you’re a keen photographer looking to add that little extra creative touch to your photographs.  Perhaps you are an experienced photographer aiming to improve your already beautiful photos or an inexperienced photographer looking to add another element to the hobby you love. Whether you are the next David Bailey or a keen hobbyist, our list of Photoshop courses for photographers will help you to create your own jaw dropping works of art.


Why should you learn Photoshop?

As a photographer, editing can play an important part in the way your final photograph will look. Photoshop is used by many photography experts to enhance and change the appearance of their photos. It can be used to change subtle things such as teeth whitening and portrait retouching to more difficult things such as mixing two different images or changing the background of a photograph. Learning Photoshop will give you the creative freedom to turn your photographs into forms of art.


What you will learn from taking a Photoshop course

So you love photography but can’t quite seem to nail that final photograph? Perhaps your subject has a couple of blemishes; maybe the colouring of the photo is just not quite right. A Photoshop course for photographers will teach you all the basic techniques to turn your photo into something magazine worthy.

Courses will often be part time and spread across a number of weeks allowing you to learn this new art in your own time; however some crash courses last around three days and aim to teach you all the basics in a short amount of time. Those who are fast learners may prefer the crash course which will allow you to start your career ambitions as soon as possible, others will prefer the part time option which will give you more time to practice at home and solidify what you have learnt from the course.  It may also be helpful to brush up on your photography skills at the same time with a photography course.


Is taking a Photoshop worth the cost?

Photoshop courses can cost anything from £150 or much more, depending on the type of course, but there is no denying that taking a course in Photoshop is certainly extremely helpful for when you first decide to delve into the world of photo editing.  Starting from scratch and learning the basics is always the hardest part when learning a new skill, taking a course will allow a professional teacher, often somebody who has formed a career in photography, or editing, to explain and guide you through the fundamental parts of Photoshop. This help when first learning Photoshop will set you up to start doing some basic photo editing almost straight away while also preparing you to discover, and play around with, your new found creativity.


Will a Photoshop course help me to have a career in photography?

Yes - If you are dreaming of pursuing a career in Photography then Photoshop will be essential in creating the perfect image to meet your publishers demands. A Photoshop course will set you on your way to turn that dream into a reality. Learn what it takes to be a photographer with our career guide. . 


Five handy tips...

Magic Wand tool – The Magic Wand tool is fantastic for when you are working on the background of your photograph. The Magic Wand tool will change the tone and colour of pixels, turning that dreary, monotone background of your photograph into something that jumps straight off the page.

Adjustment layers – The adjustment layer will help you to change the colour and improve the sharpness of your photograph. The real advantage of using the adjustment layer is that you are just putting a layer on top of the photograph without changing the original, this makes adjustment layers easy to reverse.

Bird’s eye view – When you are zoomed in close, hold down the H key and dragging in on your mouse will allow you to quickly zoom out to see the whole photograph and then return straight back to where you were working.

Spot Healing Brush – This is tool is extremely useful for those interested in portrait photography. This simple brush will allow you to remove any spot, blemish or mole from your subject with a simple few clicks of the mouse.

Layer copies – Hold down Cmd/Ctrl+Alt and dragging a layer will instantly create a copy.