Our guide to pet care
Sydney Embray

Our guide to pet care

First published date January 19 2016 Amended date January 19 2016

More often than not, our four-legged friends are our best friends and keeping them happy and healthy is the least we can do to repay the favour.  Whether you’re interested in becoming an expert caretaker for your puppy, or passionate about the welfare and keeping of farm, zoo, and wild animals, a pet care course will give you the expertise and skills you need. With a number of different courses out there we’ve tried to give you the low down, so if you are keen to learn more, this is a good place to start.


Learning about all four paws

Each course will offer unique and specific elements, but across the board, expect to cover a few key topics no matter which you choose.  You’ll learn all about animal biology and anatomy and many courses cover breeds and behaviours as well.  Knowing what’s really going on inside the body and mind your pet is an important part of every pet care course. Some courses will also provide opportunities outside the classroom to give you hands-on experience caring for animals at partnered farms and zoos—an experience you can’t get in the traditional classroom!


Safety First

Preparing to welcome a new puppy or rescue dog?  You can make sure your new friend stays safe and healthy with a course in first aid for puppies and dogs. If you’re not a dog person, all pets will benefit from the small animal care course.  For those who want to take things one step further, why not study to be a pet psychic? (bear with us on this one) —a course in dog whispering might be an unusual choice, but will make you more attuned to your pet’s needs and wants, be they a walk around the block or a fresh bowl of kibble.


A career in caring

If you’re just as passionate about ensuring the healthy life of other people’s pets (and wouldn’t mind making a little extra money), grooming, pet sitting and dog walking are profitable places to start.  Animal shelters and veterinarians are always looking for educated people with a heart for animals to provide them with basic care, grooming, and a little extra love.  Pet sitting and dog walking are two very popular services, especially in urban areas and taking courses in these subjects makes you a distinguished and attractive hire for busy pet owners. 

Although you need specialist training to work as a vet, an animal care course can help prepare you for a career as a veterinarian’s assistant. Expect these courses to place more focus on animal biology, physiology, behaviour, genetics, and anatomy, as well as the diagnosis of injuries and illnesses.  You’ll also study supplementary topics like office management and administration.


Animal management

Interested in all animals, big and small?  Animal management courses prepare you to work in a variety of fields.  Whether you’re a city dweller with a heart for farming or hoping to update your existing knowledge of domestic animals, animal husbandry courses are the perfect way to get started.  Learn to care for exotic animals and wildlife through an advanced animal management course, and begin an exciting career caring for the world’s most beautiful creatures.


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