Our guide to personal development
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Our guide to personal development

Our guide to personal development

Published May 19 2016

Sometimes, doing a course isn’t about changing your career or finding a new hobby, it’s about creating a better you. Whether you need some help with your confidence or want to learn how to meditate, a personal development course might be just what you need. Sure, it might seem a little overwhelming, so we’ve written this handy guide to reassure you and help you find your perfect course.


What’s it like going on a personal development course?

Believe us when we say, it’s really not as scary as it seems. Over here at Hotcourses, we know a thing or two about the pre-course nerves, but remember your classmates and your tutor are there to help. Whatever course you choose, you can expect professional help when it comes to recognising the problems you are faced with, and finding techniques to overcome them.

Some courses might take place over a number of weeks, others will equip you with the training you need in an afternoon. Our best advice is always to have a read of the course description carefully and get in touch with your tutor with any questions you may have.


What kind of things can I learn?

With over ten thousand courses listed on the site, choosing the one for you can be a struggle. To try and make things easier, we have listed some of the most popular personal development courses below.

Confidence – If you find your lack of confidence is causing problems in your personal and professional life, a short course might be able to help you. Teaching you simple techniques to help you learn to speak more assertively and work on your self-esteem, this could be the confidence boost you have been looking for.

Personal care – Whether it’s dressing well to impress in the interview room, or learning how to cut your hair into a style that suits you, a personal care course can make all the difference. Some may offer you a qualification, others will give you the makeover you’ve always dreamed of!

Stress control – Do you find yourself reaching for that stress ball all too frequently? It could be time to learn how to effectively manage the stresses of everyday life with a specialised course.

Anger management – Everyone gets angry every now and again, but if you feel like your rage is out of control, it could be time to seek some help. Challenging the assumptions that come with anger and exploring practical tools to help could be more beneficial than you think.

Meditation – Find out what the hype is all about and learn just how much meditation can help you. Health professionals believe mindfulness can have positive effects on your mood, relationships and body, so why not give it a try and see what happens?

Relaxation – If you struggle to unwind and relax at the end of a busy day, these might be courses to consider. From the ancient Tibetan Kum Nye tradition to yoga flow, get ready to learn how to be a better, calmer you.


The benefits of investing some time into personal development are endless, so rest assured, whatever course you choose you’ll be taking a positive step. So, what are you waiting for? 

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