Our guide to personal appearance
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Our guide to personal appearance

First published date November 01 2013 Amended date November 01 2013

We are not inherently born knowing everything we need to know about how we look.  We are learning all the time – from how our hair needs to be styled, to which makeup to apply for certain occasions. The way you look can influence the outside world greatly; although appearance has no bearing on intelligence and how well someone can do things, a good appearance can make a person’s intelligence easier for outsiders to access.

Personal appearance is big business and there are salons and shops up and down the country helping men and women make the most of what they’ve got with a variety of beauty treatments. Whether you want to train in one of them to offer services yourself, or learn more about how to change your own appearance, there are plenty of courses to choose from.


First impressions count

We have just five seconds to make that all-important first impression and so it stands to reason that learning as much as you can about the facets to personal appearance will stand you in good stead for whatever you want to do in life.  Personal appearance courses combine taking pride in how you look, with learning something new.


Here are some of the most popular courses related to personal appearance…


Personal styling

A course in personal styling will teach you how to dress a variety of body shapes and proportions.  Additionally, you can learn how colour in clothing can be used to your advantage; how you shop to create an effective capsule wardrobe to suit you; how styling can be used as a retail tool; and even how to style for fashion and editorial. A course in personal styling could lead to a career in image consultancy or as a fashion stylist.



A makeup course gives you the tools to add that finishing touch, and a little extra gloss to any outfit you decide to wear.  It will teach you techniques that can allow you to transform yourself: still you, but better! A career in makeup will allow you to use your creativity non-stop. 



Just like makeup, hairdressing adds a little something to your appearance. Learning this craft can lead to a plethora of careers, and the ability to make people feel good in just an hour or two.  A good haircut can be literally life changing, and can boost confidence in spades.  Having qualifications in hairdressing can help you with a more flexible career – you can choose to work in a salon or a hairdressers, or you can choose (with the right certification) to be mobile in your work. 



Tanning courses are very popular at the moment and salons love to add this service to their treatment list. It is hugely popular come summer and Christmas, and much like hairdressing, training in tanning can allow you to become a mobile technician. 



Celebrities who present themselves brilliantly

Kim Kardashian: She may have a hard time with the press, but Kim Kardashian knows exactly how to present herself to the world.  Always flawless of face, with clothes to suit her figure, she gives us all a lesson in personal appearance. 


Audrey Hepburn: A beautiful woman who knew how to present herself in her younger days, but carried that through to her older age.  Adept at letting her best feature (her eyes) stand out, and with a good knowledge of how to flatter her petite body with clothes, we can learn a lot from her. 


Justin Timberlake: An odd, but newer choice.  Mr Timberlake has evolved from his ‘curly-haired-boy-band-member-with-questionable-fashion-sense’ days, into a wonderfully dapper man whose clothing and hair now capture the Hollywood Golden Era. 


A postscript

It is true that a book should not be judged by its cover, but our society unfortunately does just that.  What that means to us, as people, is that we should strive to present ourselves in the best way possible to give ourselves the best chance we can.  In a competitive world, personal appearance can enhance your ability to succeed in life. 


By Telsha Arora

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