Our guide to painting and drawing

Our guide to painting and drawing

First published date January 29 2014 Amended date April 20 2015

Consider yourself the next Vincent Van Gogh? Do you have dreams of painting the next Mona Lisa? Whether you are an experienced painter and drawer or you have an interest in learning, our painting and drawing courses are suitable for all levels of artists. You could be an advanced artist or a complete beginner; these courses will teach you the techniques to become the Claude Monet of the 21st century.


Why study painting and drawing?

There are many different forms of art but whether your heart is set on abstract or impressionism, both painting and drawing are the foundations of various styles of art. If you love to be creative and have a passion for all things art then a painting and drawing course is the subject for you. You will be able to choose different difficulty levels from novice to experienced and be given the opportunity to learn and practice all types of techniques to progress as an artist. Taking this class may take you a step closer to an exciting career, but most of all, it will help build on your passion for art.


Learn from the best

A course in painting and drawing isn’t all practical and if you’re willing to put on your academic cap you’ll find that the theory side of art can actually be quite interesting. There is nothing better than learning from the best and painting and drawing classes will give you a basic introduction to the history of art. Learning about the roots of the painting and drawing world will give you a great foundation to base your artistic talents on, while being taught the renowned techniques that masters such as Monet and Van Gogh used will allow you to build on your creative side. Maybe you find analysing and the history of art more exciting? Take one of our art history and criticism courses and kick-start a career as an art critic.

Experiment with your creativity

So you want to be a painter or drawer but don’t quite know what type of art you want to create? Don’t worry, painting and drawing classes will teach you a wide variety of different styles and techniques which you will be able to try your hand at and see which you prefer. You will learn a wide array of artistic styles from oil paintingsketchingstill life paintingwatercolour painting and much more. Developing these different techniques will not only improve your overall artistic talents it will also help you to find the style of art that you love the most.

Qualifications and career path

A career as an artist will not require you to possess any formal qualifications and how much money you make will generally depend on how much of your art you are able to sell. However there are some career paths as an artist that may require you to have a formal qualification. Careers paths such as architecture or design are both jobs who actively seek employees with an artistic flair and taking an extra architecture course or design course can help you move into a more specialised career.


Why you should consider a painting and drawing course

It can be hard to find a career as an artist and you certainly will not magically turn into da Vinci overnight. Becoming an artist takes years of practice and even then you are far from guaranteed to make a living from your passion. Courses will give you the time and feedback needed for you to hone your abilities and to start building a portfolio. As you build on your portfolio you will begin to make a name for yourself and people will start to respect your art, just remember practice makes perfect.



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