Our guide to office skills
Sydney Embray

Our guide to office skills

First published date March 08 2016 Amended date March 08 2016

It’s not always obvious, but the success of a business, office, or individual often lies in the hands of assistants, secretaries, and office managers. Their skills with organisation and communication keep everyone on track and their attention to detail makes sure nothing’s ever amiss. 

A course in office skills can give you a fast track into this exciting career or help you earn that promotion or corporate placement you’ve been dreaming about. Either way, read on—and if you’re feeling inspired, have a browse through our office skills courses. With an extensive range of courses available at various times and locations (including online), there’s something here for everyone.


Why should I take a course?

There are many reasons to take an office skills course. If you’re just starting out, a course will give you the skills you need to succeed in a business setting. You’ll practice increasing your typing speed and accuracy, hone your communication skills, and learn how to balance the books. Copying, taking minutes and dictation, faxing, and filing (the less glamorous side of the job) will also be covered, as you’ll need to master these skills as well.  You’ll brush up on the use of Microsoft programs and other editorial software, and learn how to give effective managerial direction to keep everyone on track. The best part? An office skills course will also make you a more attractive candidate to hire, as you’ll have documented proof of your competency..

If you’re a seasoned administrative professional, a course is a great way to polish your existing skill set as well as adding to it, making you an attractive candidate for the corporate raise you’ve been chasing.  In these more advanced classes you’ll keep your skills up to date and in keeping with the ever-evolving role of administrative professionals in today’s workplace. These courses will cover more in-depth team and stress management skills.


Where can a course take me?       

Completing a course can qualify you for hire into a number of office jobs. Most will prepare you for work as a receptionist, and you can even take a specialised course to prepare you further. As an office manager, you’ll need to be ready to lead and organize the proper running of an office and the organisation of the people who work in it, in order to make everyone’s jobs more effective and enjoyable.  As a secretary you’ll take care of the schedule of a person or persons, and manage office comings and goings, as well as contributing to HR and some monetary responsibilities. Finally, a personal assistant acts as the right hand of an individual, taking care of everything that person may need while they work. There are corporate and executive versions of all of these roles as well, and if you’re looking to advance your career, these are the jobs to set your sights on.


By Sydney Embray