Our guide to mentoring
Jade O'Donoghue

Our guide to mentoring

First published date May 08 2015 Amended date May 11 2015

If you're the type of person that loves to help people, knows a lot about a certain subject and feels confident imparting that knowledge, you might find that becoming a mentor is for you. Or, if you're feeling a bit lost at work or in a certain aspect of your life and need a bit of guidance and coaching, you might want to take a course with a mentor to get you back on track. Whichever camp you're in, you've come to the right place to find courses.


Life coaching or mentoring

Mentoring is the act of advising someone in their personal or professional development using your knowledge and expertise. It often goes hand in hand with life coaching, though mentoring tends to emphasise development and involves a long term relationship. Coaching on the other hand tends to be short term and more focused on achieving particular goals or completing tasks. However, you'll notice a lot of courses listed under mentoring also involve training you in coaching since the two disciplines to go hand in hand. A lot of coaches also do mentoring.

If you're already set in your career but want to do something additional for your company, mentoring is probably the choice for you - commonly in the workplace this is employed by having a more experienced colleague share skills and knowledge with a more junior one. If you're looking for a total career change and want to counsel and help people then probably life coaching is more the path for you.


How mentoring can help your existing career

For the mentor, this can be a great thing. Mentoring is a good way to add value to the organisation you work for by sharing what you've learnt with colleagues and you'll not only get respect from your managers but it's fulfilling as well since you're helping others. It can also help you understand your own role better - as you will be identifying what you do well and what has been difficult in order to assist others. Being a mentor looks great on anyone's CV as well as it shows you are an 'expert’, so to speak, in your field.


In need of mentoring yourself?

Maybe you're not looking to be a mentor but need a bit of advice and guidance in your own life. In the courses listed here you will find mentors offering their services too. Many are business mentors which are particularly useful for those who are self employed and therefore don't have this option in the workplace as they will be knowledgeable in a number of different areas related to business.

Alternatively, if you need help in a very specific area, you might wish to run a search for that subject and see what courses are on offer - you could then get in touch with the teachers of these courses who might offer their services as mentors or point you in the right direction to find one.


What makes a good mentor?

Though a lot of this can be taught, it's true that there are certain qualities that can make you particularly adept at this discipline…

Good listener







If you think you fit into this description and want to help people, check out the mentoring courses listed here on Hotcourses.

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