Our guide to magic
Molly Longman

Our guide to magic

First published date May 01 2015 Amended date May 01 2015

Think you’ve got the magic in you, but don’t know how on Earth to go about channelling it? A magic course will help you go about this. Even Houdini had to start somewhere.

On a course, you’ll learn how to do more than just pull bunnies out of hats and master a deck of cards. You’ll learn many tricks that will include everything from mind tricks to card mastering to physically escaping from boxes. The possibilities are endless, but one thing’s for sure, it’s sure to be a magical experience.


Presto! – Pointers and tactics

One of the most important tactics that you’ll learn from your instructor is the art of misdirection – one of a magician’s most useful tools. You will also learn that practice makes perfect, and every magician has his act down to an art before performing in front of an audience. One more thing that is sure to be hammered into your memory is that presentation is everything. You must be charismatic and develop a virtually distracting personality.


How to break into the industry

The first step is to take a course and learn the basics (beware, because though a course is a great way to develop your magic, you’ll be totally disillusioned by the idea of real ‘magic). It will also help to observe other magicians and read up on the subject. After you learn the basics, it’s best to start performing at small venues, gain a following, and, finally, to personalize your tricks. Make yourself stand out and it will be no miracle that you find success.


Capers and capes

Magicians are fun people, who are avid believers in keeping mischief and magic in their lives. It helps if you’re outgoing if you’re going to pursue a career in this field. It is a lifestyle that isn’t for everyone, but if you’re good at it and have the temperament for it, magic can lead to big things for you – and you have an excuse to wear a cape.


Famous magicians

Perhaps one of the most well-known magicians is David Copperfield. He has starred in television specials and toured the globe thanks to innovative magic tricks that include a wide spectrum of magic tricks. Another well known act is that of Siegfried and Roy. These Las Vegas stars were best known for working with big cats, however the act ended when poor Roy was picked up and dragged of stage by a tiger and paralyzed. A word to the wise – be extremely careful when practising magic, and never put yourself in a situation that you feel unsafe in.


Cool, simple tricks you’ll learn


Three Card Monte – Three cards are placed on a table. The audience member is given a target card to look for – the magician shuffles the cards quickly and the audience must pick where the card is on the table after they’re shuffled.


Two Coin Trick – a small coin is clearly held out in the magician’s hand, and suddenly changes into two larger coins.


Beer bottle magic trick – you’ll learn to amaze your audience by sticking a bottle to a wall with not glue or other means


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