Our guide to jewellery
Kristina K

Our guide to jewellery

First published date October 08 2013 Amended date December 10 2014

Do you find yourself spending on accessories that are ridiculously expensive? Are you feeling a little uninspired with the same chunky silver rings, boring pendant necklaces and standard teardrop earrings in stores? Imagine making your very own silver and cocktail rings, and wowing your friends and family – not only will you feel like you’re becoming an accomplished designer (in your own right!), but you’ll also relish in all the praise too. Who knows, you might even be commissioned to make one off pieces and earn yourself a nice sum of money! Or, if you’re already a jewellery designer, improve your skills on our wide range of jewellery courses and take it further by opening your flagship store.


For a little bling fun

How many times have you gone out and realised that you’re wearing the same necklace, bangle or earrings as your friends? Or ever found it tricky trying to match your outfit with the jewellery sold in shops? Get yourself on some fun courses like beading and learn to use thread and wire to design your very own range of jewellery. Choose from our classes for beginners, taster and evening classes, and expand your beading skills to making sequins for handbags, brooches, flowers and caged stones.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Pink diamonds, rubies, sapphires, jade, amethysts, cat’s eyes, emeralds... everyone loves a bit of precious stone. But, if you’d like to study more about them, enrol on gemology courses and learn about the mining, cutting, grading and pricing of these beautiful gem stones.


Open the next Tatty Devine

A British company designing and micro-manufacturing distinctive, fun jewellery that combines art, fashion and culture, the business was started by two students who went to art school together. Having received top votes for being the best for women’s fashion and the seal of approval from acclaimed designers, Tatty Devine is a great example of a simple jewellery store making it big. If you share the same aspirations and you’re deeply passionately about jewellery design, then start a jewellery making business – a course could be just the start. Ones that focus on the business side of jewellery making will allow you to determine your niche, learn to scope out competition, study your target market, price your work, acquire basic business administration skills, and get clued up with copyrighting and promotional work, and packaging. Become a studio jeweller and watch your boutique store in Covent Garden materialise.


The cursed diamond

Koh-I-Noor, which means ‘Mountain of Light’, was described as a 186 carat diamond that rulers fought over for centuries before Britain took it. It’s one of the most famous diamonds in the world. The Koh-I-Noor originated from Andhra Pradesh, India. It was owned by various Sikh, Mughal and Persian rulers that fought each other from time to time. The gem remains the property of the British crown and is kept in HM Tower of London and it’s a popular tourist attraction. It’s said that the diamond’s cursed – ‘He who owns this diamond will own the world, but will also know all its misfortunes. Only God, or a woman, can wear it with impunity.’


Did you know?

Diamonds were first discovered in India, over 2,400 years ago. The biggest modern supplier of diamonds is South America.


The largest diamond that was ever found is ‘The Cullinan’. It weighs a staggering 1.3 pounds.


Most pearls made today are cultured or man-made. This process is done by inserting a small shell into oyster, which then painstakingly covering it with pearl material over a minimum of three years.


Check out our Pinterest for some jewellery making ideas.


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