Our guide to iPhone

Our guide to iPhone

First published date April 02 2014 Amended date April 28 2014

Since Apple branched out from computing and MP3 players to the mobile phone world, a lot has changed. The original iPhone’s inception in 2007 has been a profound one for the technological and social world and has brought about the smart phone era which dominates to this day. The iPhone’s capabilities and the apps available on it have developed in such a way over the years that people now use them as an integral part of their everyday work and social life. An iPhone course would be great for you if you wanted to take your knowledge of the smart phone to the next level, perhaps to advance your career.


Types of courses available

Whether you’re into photography, social media, games or app development, then there are a number of iPhone courses that are available in a variety of specific fields for you to choose from.  There are courses which also show you the fundamentals of Apple’s latest operating system or iOS to give it its official name. There are even courses available for if you just want to get to grips with the device, maybe because it’s your first smart phone and are unfamiliar with the technology. Either way, the range of courses available is vast. It’s also important to note that much of the content that may be taught could be applicable for the iPad as well.


What will I be learning?

What and how you learn will depend entirely on which kind of iPhone course you decide to take up. For example, if you choose to take an iPhone photography course, the course is likely to be very specific and concise and may be a more short term commitment whereas any kind of app development course will be more complex in its content and spread over a longer period of time.



The cameras on iPhone devices have developed to such an extent that images from them can be used professionally as well as for personal purposes too. The high amount of megapixels as well as HD ready video recording means more and more people are able to capture images and video of really good quality and also have the ability to edit them instantly too.

iPhone photography courses will show you how to frame and capture the perfect image whether it’s of a beautiful landscape on your holidays or something funny and unexpected with friends. You’ll be taken through the iPhone’s camera capabilities such as the various settings and filters as well as apps you can download to help promote or edit your images too.


App creation

There are many kinds of these courses available which will help you get started with app creation and you may even end up getting your very own app onto the Apple App Store eventually. You don’t need to be an expert computer coder or programmer to prevail with an iPhone app creation course as many of the courses are introductory and not overly complicated to grasp. Of course a basic understanding of computers and computing knowledge would be beneficial.


Why is it useful?

An iPhone course is useful no matter which type of course you take specifically. Such is the importance of the iPhone and other smartphone’s technology these days that you really can’t afford to be left behind. This is especially true if you’re working in the technology industry.

Gaining a basic, or even more advanced knowledge of the iPhone can be very useful to your career, especially if you’re working in the media industry. Getting to learn beyond the screen deep capabilities of the device and unfurling all its potential will be an interesting, beneficial and fun experience!


iPhone fact file

-          As of September 2013, over 420 million iPhones have been sold by Apple.

-          Apple makes more than 50% of the world’s smartphone profits thanks solely to the iPhone

-          iPhone’s alone generated $91.3b  in revenue in the latest fiscal year. Compare that to the Coca Cola Company as a whole, who in the same period turned over $48b.

-          Since 2008, 50 billion apps have been downloaded and in 2013, Apple’s App Store generated $10b income.

-          App developers have been paid out $15b by Apple.

-          The ‘artists’ icon on your iPhone is actually a silhouette of U2 front man Bono.

-          The iPhone 5S is 40 times more powerful than the original iPhone but is 20% lighter.