Our guide to interior design
Kristina K

Our guide to interior design

First published date August 23 2013 Amended date August 19 2015

If you find yourself visualising rearranging furniture and repainting walls when entering a room, you may just be an interior designer in the making. Or, if you love putting your stamp on shop-bought pieces, enjoy playing with colours and dabble with furnishing ideas, interior design is definitely the right course to channel your creativity.  

From drawing floor plans and incorporating mood boards on furniture, capturing ideas from the past to produce trendy vintage and retro styles, and exploring ceiling and wall treatments; you will learn to design spaces that encompass comfort and style.


Become the next Laura Day

With the rise of TV programmes transforming dull predictable homes into exciting ingenious spaces, interesting lighting designs replacing boring lamp shades, and ongoing regeneration projects and property developments, interior design jobs will always be in high demand. Temporary environments such as pop-up shows and exhibitions will also require beautiful and functional interior designs. 

If none of those appeal to you, an interior design qualification will also enable you to work in restaurants, hospitals, hotels, resorts and corporate companies. The list is endless!


Is interior design right for you?

To be a successful interior designer, you need to be highly observant with a ticking design brain. Do you walk into a room and instantly picture how you could design a space? Then learning hand-drawing techniques will help because loose freehand sketches are perfect to present a quick three-dimensional view of your ideas. An eye for fashion and current trends is also important to help produce stylish interior decorations.

Whichever interior design course you pick, either short fun courses or full time degrees, you’ll get to learn about the historical development of interior design, go lavish with creative ideas, practise dealing with constraints in interior spaces, and communicate functional concepts with health and safety in mind.


Design marvels

There are loads of great examples of interior design all over the world and plenty to inspire the would-be designer. We love Arnsdorf’s 72-hour fashion pop-up store in Melbourne. Using 154 pairs of tights stretched across the walls and wrapped around the store’s space, architectural studio Edwards Moore’s concept provided an intimate setting and backdrop in a cave-like space for the Arnsdorf’s Opticks Collection. The empty shell transformed into a fortress of solitude and rocky landscapes with sculptural forms. It doesn’t take someone with a head for interior design to fall in love with the concept store!


Get inspired

Great designs tell a story. Try out this little experiment. Look at your bedroom now, what does it say about you? Try moving the furniture around. Does it look like someone else lives in the room now? Or, up your game and download Sweet Home 3D, a free interior design application that helps you draw the plan of your house and arrange furniture, and watch your designs transform into 3D!

For amazing interior design ideas, check out our Pinterest or look up some of the links below for inspiration:

·         houzz.com – the largest online collection of home improvement ideas

·         icreatived.com – a blog dedicated to high-concept interiors

·         wowhaus.co.uk – amazing grand designs from offbeat 20th century properties to cool Grade II art deco properties

·         brightbazaarblog.com – explore splashes of colours and hues with British design junkie Will Taylor


Did you know?

Colour power

Complex colours that consist of more than one word often appeal to the highly educated crowd, such as forest green or eggshell white. On the other hand, simpler colours appeal to lower budgets and lower education levels.

Morphing shoebox rooms

Tiny 420 square foot apartments can now morph into 1100 square feet of living space, transforming 6 rooms into 1! It utilizes moving walls and hideaway furniture, conceals sleeping quarters and changes a dining room into office space.  



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