Our guide to hospitality management
Jade O'Donoghue

Our guide to hospitality management

First published date April 16 2015 Amended date April 16 2015

If you’re confident, friendly and love spending time in hotels and restaurants, you might be thinking about working in hospitality management. Said to be one of the most rewarding industries in the world since you’re helping people enjoy their spare time, jobs are always in abundance as everyone loves a bit of leisure time, whether it’s going on holiday or just popping out for dinner. While many people enter hospitality at a low level and work their way up to management, there are a number of courses out there that can fast track this process and give you a good grounding for progression. If you ‘do like to be beside the seaside’ this could be just the industry for you.


Hospitality management in the UK

Though it might seem that everyone you know goes abroad for their holidays, the hospitality and tourism industry in the UK is actually booming. Popular for short breaks, many hotels in the UK are calling out for managers and events professionals to work with them to ensure their guests have a to remember, regardless of how long they stay for.

You could find yourself working beside the sea, in a bustling city, in tourism hot spots like the Lake District or the Cotswolds, or even working beside an airport in a hotel. Other options could be working in a restaurant or for an events company that travels around the UK. In any case, a qualification in hospitality management will open several doors here at home.


Working abroad

If you’re setting your sights on sunnier climes though, hospitality is still an excellent choice. Even if you train locally and get experience in England, these skills are incredibly transferable and could be used anywhere from an exotic beach, a cruise ship or a ski resort. It’s worth noting that the pay may differ, depending on what country you’re in but you may find that your board is included if you’re working further afield.


Have you got what it takes to make a success of it?

There are definitely certain types of personality that lend themselves to the hospitality industry and these are the top three qualities you will need to succeed –

Patience – the saying ‘the customer is always right’ has never applied more than in hospitality.  You’ll often have to deal with complaints in this industry and you have to listen to them patiently before helping solve them.


Politeness – this goes hand in hand with patience in that you have to provide your service with a smile. No one wants to be greeted at a hotel by a miserable face or have their potatoes dumped on their plate at a posh event. You’ll need to remember your ‘pleases’, ‘thank yous’ and ‘certainly sirs’ to work in hospitality.


Confidence – You will be talking to lots of different people from lots of different backgrounds and you’ll need to have the confidence to do so. Confidence is also useful when things go wrong as you’ll be able to make the best of a situation and ensure the guests don’t suspect a thing.


Five figures to impress your hospitality management teacher

  1. The hotel with the most rooms in the world is The Venetian and The Palazzo (they used to be two but they’re now one) in Las Vegas and it has 7,117 rooms.
  2. According to Hospitality Europe, on average, half of the people employed by hotels and restaurants in Europe are under 35.
  3. Though working your way up is an option there are over 123 hospitality management courses listed right here on Hotcourses, proving that many people in the industry are looking for that additional edge on their CV.
  4. InterContinental Hotels is the biggest hotel chain in the world – they have over 4,000 hotels.
  5. Singer, Rihanna, once paid £40,000 a night to stay at Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. Her suite had four bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.


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