Our guide to flower arranging
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Our guide to flower arranging

First published date November 26 2013 Amended date November 26 2013

Do you love vibrant coloured flowers and the feelings they evoke in you? Why not extend your love for beautiful flowers and look into producing gorgeous flower arrangements? Indulge yourself in a new hobby, feel happier when you’re surrounded by flowers (strictly doctor’s Hotcourses’ orders) and forget about spending money at the florist’s. Get on our flower arranging workshops and short courses, and in no time, you’ll be so good that you’ll be decorating your own home and sending friends impressive flower baskets and bouquets.


Do you speak the language of flowers?

Are you enthusiastic about understanding flowers and learning more about them – their colours, the mechanics, characteristics, dos and don’ts and designs? With a strong desire to pick up floral arranging, our courses are perfect for beginners up to advanced levels, with some awarding students with the City and Guilds qualification. From table decor and seasonal designs to floral art and hand tied bouquets, the courses cover a wide range of flower arranging techniques.


What will you learn?

On most flower arranging courses, you’ll learn to prep blossoms, stems, and hardware correctly, grasp the basic aesthetics of flower design, understand the history of flower arrangement and how to care for the arrangement to improve its longevity at home. At the end of the lessons, you’ll be able to show off your work and take home your finished arrangement.


Gift boxes and bridal designs anyone?

Apart from sending the odd traditional bowl flower arrangement, courses will also teach you to make European and basket designs, cylinders, sympathy tributes and posies. On the special occasions when you get to use (or show off!) your talent, you could help design corsages and wedding bouquets. Or even when you’ve got guests over for a dinner party, prepare to wow them with elaborate flower arrangements. If anything, they’ll be your saving grace if the roast chicken gets a little burned!


Interested in the blooming business?

If you’re keen on taking your flower arranging hobby a little further or have realised that you’re good enough to make money out of it, then why not venture into the flower business? Become a trained florist and get on our wide range of floristry courses. Some of the things you’ll learn include customer service and setting up a business. You can also study for a range of awards, certificates and diplomas.


Learn from the best

You’ll pick up hundreds of tips and techniques used in the floral industry by professional florists. Courses and workshops are very hands on, so you’ll be guided from the very first placement to the finishing touches of each design.


Fun flower facts

·         Titan Arum is the world’s largest flower and is almost 10 feet in height. Due to its horrible smell of rotten flesh, it’s also known as corpse flower.

·         In 17th Century Holland, Tulip Bulbs were more valuable than gold! The flower symbolized immortality, life and love. In most recipes, onions can be replaced with Tulip Bulbs.

·         In earlier time, the juice from bluebell flowers was used to make glue.

·         Moon flowers only bloom at night and close during the day.

·         Gas plants produce a clear gas on humid warm nights. It’s believed the gas can be ignited with a matchstick.

·         Bamboos produce flowers once every few years and when they do, all flowers of the same species bloom at exactly the same time.

·         Interflora is the world’s largest and most recognised flower delivery service, supported by a network of 50,000 florists worldwide, delivering to approximately 150 countries.


Look up our Pinterest for beautiful flower arranging ideas.

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