Our guide to fashion
Kristina K

Our guide to fashion

First published date October 30 2013 Amended date October 31 2014

Have you got the passion for fashion? Does the thought of London Fashion Week, new collections and Sex and the City outfits give you the good chills? If you’ve got a head for what’s in and what’s not, and love the buzz of the fashion world, then get yourself into this multi-million pound industry. From intelligence gathering of trends for each season to producing and marketing new lines, the fashion industry has a wide range of opportunities to feed everyone’s hunger for fashion.   Now stop being a self-appointed fashion police officer and expand your talents on our wide range of fashion courses. Choose from our taster and weekend workshops to degree courses, suitable for all your different needs and levels.


Lady Gaga’s meat dress anyone?

Fashion is about pushing the boundaries and whilst most of us find Lady Gaga’s meat outfit vile, we can’t deny that it’s taken fashion to a whole new level. It’s bold, loud, daring and absurdly creative. Of course some of the designs we’ve seen on catwalk shows are totally not wearable, it’s however, a testament to the designer’s artistic prowess, or high fashion, as most like to call it. If you’re inspired by fashion forward designer Iris van Herphen ,who’s created a crystallization dress inspired by H2O where the model is splashed with clear and black water, has her picture taken, which Iris then refers to in order to design the unique garment that’s made out of a form of acrylic, then learn to invent extreme fashion (or maybe something more subtle) by studying fashion design and fashion illustration.


Your very own collection

Christian Dior’s fabulous line of accessories and handbags are well-known all over the world and his CD label is one of the most sought-after must-haves in every single fashionista’s wardrobe. To fuel your love for necklaces, bracelets, rings, belts and handbags, why not consider enrolling on a fashion accessory course to complement great outfits?


Gok Wan, Trinny & Susannah or Nicky Hambleton-Jones - who’s your favourite stylist?

Whether you’re a personal stylist to your mum, making sure she dresses to look 10 years younger or you’ve got a knack at putting different pieces of garments together to produce an amazing outfit, you might want to consider following Gok Wan’s footsteps. Get on our stylist courses and learn to use styling principles and concepts to develop clients’ looks, spot upcoming trends and pick up tricks of the trade. You’ll find loads of jobs available to you; from fashion buyer roles to personal stylists.


Could you be Britain’s next top model?

Are the streets of London your very own catwalk? Do you love trying on different clothes and watch yourself morph from a flirty 50s pin up girl to a sophisticated corporate woman? From the likes of androgynous Andrej Pejic to sexy Miranda Kerr, becoming a model is not just about having the right looks, but also the perfect walk, facial expressions and experience. Gain all of those on our fashion modelling courses.


Make a fashion statement

Remember Sheryl Crow’s T-shirt which she wore at the American Music Awards ceremony? The top with the words ‘War Is Not The Answer’, emblazoned in black sequins was in response to the war in Iraq. That was a perfect example of people making strong fashion statements about their own feelings on social and political issues. And if you’d love to design fashion with a social conscience, whether it’s to not support fur coats or to champion for recycled garments, then fashion is definitely your calling. Really, did you think that fashion was that shallow?


Shocking facts

·         Kenneth Cole, a famous New York fashion designer, was under fire for using the deadly Syria conflict to sell footwear. Cole tweeted : ‘Boots on the ground or not, let’s not forget about sandals, pumps and loafers.’ He also included the friendly #Footwear hashtag.

·         We’ve heard stories of fashion interns not getting paid but some of the work they’ve been told to do were beyond ridiculous. These included walking the boss’ dogs during office hours and cleaning poop, being told to research on healthy soups because the boss is on a strict soup diet and working with 20 other interns who were recruited to do jobs that would otherwise have been permanent paid roles.


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