Our guide to eyelash training courses
Jane McGuire

Our guide to eyelash training courses

First published date September 18 2014 Amended date September 18 2014

There is so much more to eyelashes than a dab of mascara in the morning. Not all of us are blessed with long luscious lashes and the eyelash industry is jam packed with ways to solve this problem. For those who lack the patience to spend hours gluing fingers together applying false eyelashes, there are now permanent extensions.  Fair lashes can be tinted and those that lack Cheryl Cole volume can be lifted and permed. An eyelash training course can teach you the skills to transform your friends’ eyes for a night out, or give you the qualifications to add eyelashes to your repertoire of beauty treatments.


Open your eyes                             

Lash enhancements are becoming the next big thing, with celebrity fans such as Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Victoria Beckham joining the trend for perfect lashes. With plenty of high street beauticians promising extra volume and length to open up the eye, there has never been a better time to train on an eyelash course.

With a number of different treatments available, what you learn on the course will vary on the kind you pick. One important thing to remember is that whatever the treatment, you will be working with adhesive products, dye or heat very close to a client’s eye, so learning how to practise safely and getting the qualifications to prove it is a must.



Long gone are the days where the term extensions only applied to hair. A semi-permanent form of false eyelashes, there are a number of different treatments available for clients hoping to add extra length to their lashes. A full set will involve applying an extension to every natural lash with a safe adhesive, normally taking around two hours but permanently adding red carpet volume. Most will need maintenance every three to five weeks to replace missing lashes.

For the more natural look, a half set of extensions can be added to 50-60% of the natural lashes, taking around an hour. Other options include temporary lashes, which will need to be removed after two weeks, and lower lash extensions.

Eyelash extensions can allow clients to completely change their look without having to spend hours on their lashes each morning. Think Kim Kardashian for the ultimate red carpet length, Megan Fox for the fresh faced look and Brigitte Bardot for the feline flick, created by adding extensions to the outer edges of the eye.



Tinting is where the eyelashes are carefully dyed to give them a natural looking, darker appearance.  A great option for people who do a lot of sport (especially swimming), are sensitive to makeup or have fine and light lashes, tinting is a way to wave goodbye to panda eyes. Before the dye can be applied on a client, you will need to carry out a patch test two days before, to avoid any allergic reactions. The entire process takes around 15 minutes and the results can last up to six weeks.


Lash lift

This hour long treatment uses a silicone pad to carefully lift each lash individually. One of the most recent developments in lash treatments, LVL lifts are a natural form of lash enhancement. A silicone pad is placed above the lashes and lifts them during the 45 minute treatment. Clients can choose the size of the curl between small, medium and large.

This new treatment has a host of celebrity followers and will be found mentioned on the pages of every beauty blog around. Giving the permanent effect of lashes that have been bowed with an eyelash curler, the treatment curls the lashes from the roots and can last up to eight weeks - great news for the boyfriends who are terrified of the scary looking tool in our makeup bags.



We know what you are thinking – the hairdo your grandmother has rocked for years, but now your eyelashes can get a perm too. Lashes are coated with a special adhesive and wrapped around mini foam rollers to hold them in a curled position. The perming solution is then applied and the rollers are wrapped in a plastic wrap to let the chemical concoction cook. Once being permed the curl can last up to three months depending on the life cycle of the lashes, which is usually between 60 and 120 days.


What will I learn on a course?

An eyelash training course will give you the knowledge to complete one or several of the treatments mentioned above. When working so close to a client’s eyes, confidence and correct safety measures are a must, so learning how to complete a patch test and recognise allergies is another important skill.

When working with extensions you will learn how to apply each fiddly lash and gain a deeper understanding of the hair growth cycle. Other courses will teach you how to select the correct length and thickness of each lash to suit your client’s needs and how to maintain and reapply lashes. Like all beauty treatments, learning how to remove the extensions is just as imperative as putting them on. Most lash removals will take around 20 minutes and involve using a solution to dissolve the adhesive.

Client care, hygiene and salon management skills may also be taught in the course to help you turn your new skills into a career. Selecting an eyelash training course that will give you a qualification can help if you are already practising as a beautician, or are planning to use your skills to find a job. Examples of the qualifications you could gain include an NVQ Level 2, an ITEC certified eyelash therapist or an Eyelash Extension Diploma.