Our guide to exercise dancing
Kristina K

Our guide to exercise dancing

First published date January 07 2014 Amended date January 07 2014

Exercising can be tireless sometimes – it takes a lot of determination and motivation to go to the gym, run round the neighbourhood or even attend boot camps. To spice things up, exercise dancing has become the popular option these days. Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced learner or a professional hoping to gain teaching qualifications, we have a wide range of exercise dancing courses that are great for various levels.


It’s all the rave!

Forget about the gym – everyone wants to be fit but they don’t want to spend hours running on the treadmill or cycling to repeated songs on MTV. Exercise has taken on a whole new level these days and with it, comes a new form of exercise – morning raves! It’s a free form exercise and it’s a bit like clubbing. Rather than going to the gym, people go dancing to deep house club anthems at six in the morning, and have a coffee and a croissant instead of beer. If that sounds a bit too extreme for your taste, get on early morning dance exercise courses. You’ll start your day happy and nothing beats shaking and dancing to catchy tunes in the morning.


Heart-pumping Zumba

It’s still a big craze right now! A fusion of hypnotic Latin rhythms with easy to follow moves, Zumba is great for everyone. You’ll work up a sweat and get fit with fast paced workouts. Classes are sociable and sometimes, courses finish off with a fun night out on the town! You’ll get to tone and sculpt your body too. Choose from low impact Zumba for the over 60s, easy classes for beginners, more intense ones for advanced levels and even Zumba for kids.


Hot Salsacise

Salsacise keeps you fit (and laughing!) and is a fusion of salsa, cha cha, samba, hip hop, ragga and African beats combined with high impact aerobics. The workout’s easy and if you’re looking to burn lots of calories, you’ll be pleased to know that in an hour, you can burn up to 2000! Who says exercise can’t be fun and effective? This body-energising exercise helps tone the upper body, the midriff, lower half and the arms.


No moves? No problem!

Heard of Biodanza? It’s an exciting, heart-opening, international dance-based system for health and pleasure, living a deep experience in the present moment whilst having a joyful connection with others. The dance exercise helps release the stresses of modern life. If that sounds a little too hippie for you, then opt for a more low key exercise dance, where people just move to the music in a way that’s enjoyable, keeping them fit and healthy at the same time. Suitable for all levels, this exercise dance has no steps to learn and participants need not be necessarily very fit. All it takes is bags of enthusiasm.


Become a teacher

If you’re into dance exercise and would love to impart some of your knowledge, why not train to become a teacher and gain industry recognised qualifications. You will gain the skills and knowledge required to plan and design exercise to music, for both individuals and groups. These courses cover specific exercises like Zumba, aerobics and loads more. Some of the things you’ll learn include theoretical and practical training in anatomy and physiology for exercise, techniques to adapt programmes to clients’ needs, risk assessment and health safety, customer service and evaluation on progression. To be an ace trainer, a genuine interest in health, fitness and exercise to music are important, and we’ll take care of the rest for you!


What do you learn?

Exercise dancing improves general fitness and coordination through choreographed dance routines and exercises in a fun environment. In some classes, students dance to themes that are taken from theatrical shows and music from different eras. You’ll develop your fitness, flexibility, strength and stamina. Together with stretch sequences, you’ll practise dance routines and use a range of music from soul and folk to jazz and RnB.


Davina McCall DVD

Superfit Davina McCall is known for her enthusiasm and most importantly, her rock-hard abs. Like most women her age, Davina, who’s now in her forties, put on weight after the birth of her children. She struggled with her post-baby body image but says once she got past making excuses not to exercise, she never looked back! Davina is adamant that there are no shortcuts to a better body – ‘Getting fit has to be a decision you make yourself, no one else can do it for you. But once you commit, the rewards are fantastic.’ Davina’s DVDs are great for everyone, from beginners to experienced gymaholics. With her toned figure and rows of DVDs lined up, Davina has also seen a rise in her TV workload with shows like Million Pound Drop, Long Lost Family, The Biggest Loser and Got To Dance. 

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