Our guide to driving instructor training

Our guide to driving instructor training

First published date January 21 2014 Amended date January 31 2014

So you want to be a driving instructor? If you love driving and have a passion for cars, teaching people to drive while spending your days on the open road can be a rewarding and enjoyable career path. These driving instructor training courses will put you in good stead to build a successful career as a driving instructor.


Things you will need before you apply to a course

Before you consider booking a course to become a qualified driving instructor it’s first important to make sure you meet the basic requirements to become an approved driving instructor (ADI). You must own a full NI, UK or Community (EU) driving licence which you have held for four years. This is to check you have not been disqualified from driving and to check your criminal and motoring records. If all of these are satisfactory you will be allowed to register with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).  No professional qualifications are required for you to learn to be a driving instructor.


Choosing the right course for you

With so many driving instructors and existing courses out there to teach you the ropes it’s important for you to choose a course that will help you stand out from the rest, while at the same time being within your budget. Courses can range from anywhere between £1200 and £3000, and include up to 45 to 60 hours with a trained professional. Many courses offer a pay monthly option making it easier for you to pay for the course. Looking for your course can be a life changing decision and it’s important that you find the right balance between cost and contact hours. Courses with renowned companies such as AA and BSM will cost more but provide you with franchise benefits and a reliable market afterwards, whereas other courses can prove to be significantly cheaper, however it can harder to find customers afterwards.


What you can expect from the course

What to expect can largely depend on the type of course you choose to go with. Courses can include around 60 contact hours spread over two years or smaller crash courses which aim to train you in a matter of months. With a whopping 90% of those who train to become an ADI failing, it’s essential to pick the course which you would be the most comfortable with. Despite this, you can expect a personal teacher who will be with you every step of the way, teaching you everything you need to know and preparing you for your final examinations.


Getting qualified

Once having successfully chosen the right course for you, the next stage will be becoming a qualified driving instructor. Getting qualified, in many ways, will be similar to your driving test, you will have to pass a three part qualifying examination. The three parts will consist of a theory test, a practical test of your driving ability and a practical test assessing your instructional ability. Once you have passed the theory test you will have two years to pass the practical tests with most people who pass taking around one year to become qualified instructors. If you have not yet passed your driving test and want to become an instructor you can check out our list of driving test theory courses.


How much can you earn as a driving instructor?

A career as a driving instructor can be enjoyable while at the same time allowing you to bring in a respectable salary. DirectGov claims that full time instructors can earn around £16,000 in their first year, with established instructors earning around £25,000 and experienced instructors earning over £30,000.


The next step

Taking the time to have a browse of our driving instructor training courses will be a good step in the right direction for your new career.  The Directgov website also has plenty of information for those who want to qualify as driving instructors.  

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