Our guide to construction and property
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Our guide to construction and property

First published date May 27 2016 Amended date May 27 2016

Construction and property is far more than bricks and mortar. From the initial sketches, to running a building site, a lot of work goes in to the construction of the buildings all around us. With thousands of courses to choose from, finding the right one for you can seem a little overwhelming, which is where we step in. Although we’re not experts in construction and property, we do know a thing or two about courses, so have tried to make your search a little simpler, with this handy guide.


How do I get into the industry?

Good question! Unfortunately, there is not one magic course you can complete that will guarantee you success in the construction and property industry. With many different paths and professions, it’s a matter of working out what works for you.  

The first thing to decide is where you see yourself in the construction timeline. If you love the drawing and designing side of things, you’ll probably be suited to the design and planning part in the conceptual stage. Prior to any construction, a team of architects will come up with a set of designs, specifications and architectural features of a building. A team of engineers may also be involved at this stage, to ensure all the design requirements make sense. These plans will then need to be approved by the local licensing authorities.

If you see yourself more on the building site than sat behind a desk, you’ll probably be more interested in the construction part of the job. Starting with the foundations, you’ll work from the base up with a structural skeleton and build from there. The construction manager will need to ensure the site runs to plan and budget, and that the correct machinery and materials are being used.


What kind of things can I learn?

This completely depends on the type of course you choose! All of the construction and property courses listed on the site will give you a detailed understanding of the subject in question, however some may also leave you with industry based qualifications to help further your career. To help make things a bit easier, we’ve outlined some of the most popular courses below.

Architectural drawing – You’ll learn how to create technical drawings as well as interpreting and sketching plans, sections and elevations. You can expect to cover all the core principles and build up a portfolio of different sketches that can help you in the future.

Construction management – A construction management course will teach you everything you need to know about running a building site. From supervising safety, to planning the building operations, you’ll need to learn how to multi-task, and fast!

Civil engineering – Giving you an in depth grasp of the industry, a civil engineering course will give you a good grounding for your career in construction. Usually, these will be longer courses and may involve some sort of qualification.

SSSTS – The construction world seems to love abbreviations! SSSTS stands for Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme, and is usually advised for site supervisors, site mangers, civil engineers and builders. These courses will usually involve a test, which you will need to pass to complete the course.

With plenty more courses to choose from, whether you are already working in the trade, or are taking your first steps up the ladder, you’ll find the courses to help build your career.  

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