Our guide to Communication and Media
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Our guide to Communication and Media

Our guide to Communication and Media

Published July 18 2016

When we think about media and communication the first thing that comes to mind is the entertainment sector; television, film and radio and the roles within these disciplines.  

Though this is one popular branch of within the sector, it’s not the only one. Some people may regard it as a ‘soft’ option in terms of study but when taking a Communication and Media course it is actually uniquely placed as it’s directly relevant to students, making it an interesting subject to explore.

Not only do you get to build your experience in production areas like film, writing for publications, building websites and using industry relevant software, you also build a solid knowledge of theoretical approaches which enables you to explore the way in which information is relayed and transmitted to the masses, lending a critical and analytical eye to assess the effects and influence a message can have.

It’s never been more relevant

The digital age means that new forms of media are continuously cropping up. This includes blogs, podcasts and video content. The rise of social networks has also resulted in traditional media outlets adapting to suit an audience that grows digitally savvier by the day.

Though the sector is evolving, the media continues to shape public opinion and influence us depending on how information is presented. It also plays an innovative role when it comes to breaking down political conflict, which you can learn when enrolling on a Communication and Media course.

If you’re more enticed by working for the entertainment branch of the media then studies in this area is still relevant for these types of careers.

You’ll be gaining important skills that are relevant throughout the breadth of the sector such as researching, cultural awareness of media and creative industries and being able to carry out critical analysis.

An all encompassing sector…

Media studies itself is taught at various stages; from Key Stages 1 – 3 to GCSE and even as an A Level. Students can go on to higher education and take much more condensed studies which prepare them for jobs in a number of disciplines.

Taking a Communication and Media course will equip you to snap up directly related jobs as a media planner, programme researcher, PR officer, producer for television and film and even a runner for broadcasting, film and video.

These aren’t your only options though. There are some roles that require some educational experience within the field such as a journalist, editorial assistant, market researcher and event organiser to name a few.

The opportunities within the media and communications sector are wide and vast. Whether you want to explore your creative side through film production or master the art of effectively getting a message across, a Communication and media course is a great place to start. 

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