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On average there are around 700,000 babies born each year in the UK, this makes for a staggering 2,000 babies a day – with a baby being born every 40 seconds. Childbirth is a huge part of a mother’s life and it can be a long and emotional process, so preparing for it properly can make a big difference to how you deal with the labour. If you are expecting to bring a beautiful new person into the world, then taking one of our childbirth courses will help you to prepare.


Why take a childbirth course?

Whether you are a mother or father, childbirth can be one of the most important, memorable and emotional moments of your whole life. A childbirth course will help to prepare you for this, both mentally and physically. It may seem that a childbirth course is only important for the mother, but it is also important for the father. It will help the father to understand and prepare for what labour will be like and how to react in different scenarios, for many men it can be an equally emotional time, not understanding what the woman is going through. Despite that, many childbirth courses are specifically aimed at women, as it is extremely important that they are made aware of, and are prepared for, the physical and emotional time that lies ahead of them.


Yoga for childbirth

There are a variety of childbirth courses that all focus on different areas that the mother may want more preparation in. Yoga for pregnant women is one of these courses. Similar to a yoga course it will teach you basic yoga techniques, however the outcomes for a childbirth yoga course are much different, and it will be specially designed to prepare you for childbirth. There are two main principles that these courses will try to achieve:

Breathing: During labour many women struggle to control their breath and surprisingly, this can make labour significantly worse, which is why many women are given oxygen masks to help them breath. Learning to control your breath properly will prevent you from panicking and experiencing anxiety, instead you’ll be able to manage pain and be less likely to suffer from lack of oxygen. These courses will teach you breathing and relaxation techniques. You will learn specific breathing routines that will help you to remain in a calm state but it will also help with your mental focus and the pushing phase.

Posture: Yoga childbirth courses will teach you different positions and postures that will be useful for you during pregnancy and in labour. Labour can take a long period of time and at times be a physical strain, so knowing a variety of yoga positions will help you to keep pain free and teach you comfortable positions that will help in natural child birth. You will be taught all of these positions and focus on the ones that are the best for you. The tutor will give you one on one contact so you won’t be expected to do anything you don’t want to do and you will be given constructive criticism.



Are you scared of childbirth? Don’t be embarrassed, many women experience the fear of childbirth (Tokophobia) and it can have a serious impact on labour and may even affect your decision whether to get pregnant. The phobia was only indentified in 2000, and an outstanding one in ten women suffers from the fear. Thankfully, some childbirth courses focus completely on curing women of this phobia. On this course you will undergo hypnotherapy that will quickly cure your fear of childbirth. A hypnotherapist will help you to unlearn the fear and rewire your thought process, making you feel more confident about giving birth.


Like minded people

Childbirth courses also offer something far greater than what you will learn, the opportunity to make friends with like minded people who are in a similar situation to you. As you progress through the course you will make some great friends that will help you out as you develop. You will all be going through a similar situation so friendly advice and tips will be given. After the birth, both you and your child may even have a friend for life.


Four things to prepare yourself for before childbirth

Having realistic expectations and being prepared for childbirth will greatly help you in labour. Here are our top four things to be prepared for when you give birth:

1. Your doctor or midwife will not be with you for most of your labour: This can be a shock to some; they will be dealing with numerous other people and checking on you at regular intervals. But don’t forget, they will always come to your aid if you ask for it.

2. Giving birth is normal: It may be painful, both physically and mentally, but you must always remember one thing, the female body was designed to give birth, it’s normal.

3. Choose your location: Many people go to hospital but others prefer to stay at home. Staying at home can prevent you from becoming anxious whereas others feel more at ease while at hospital.

4. Choose the right doctor: Some doctors prefer to unfold naturally, whereas others like to actively manage the labour. Choose a doctor with a philosophy that makes you feel most comfortable.

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