Our guide to catering
Kristina K

Our guide to catering

First published date September 26 2013 Amended date January 29 2015

Do you grab at any opportunity to host dinner parties for your family and friends, watch food channels religiously to stay abreast with food trends, have an entrepreneurial mind and might consider starting a food business, or just simply find yourself drawn to the hospitality industry? Then why not study catering? It’s a great way to indulge your obsession with food and for the business-minded, a chance to start a catering business. And if you changed your mind, you can still change paths into event management and even tourism. Your options are limitless with a qualification in catering.


Quiches, tarts, sushi, salads – what’s your food style?

If you enjoy making certain types of food, doing a catering course will enable you to serve your little parcels of food heaven at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, bar mitzvahs and business meetings. From appetizers and finger foods to hearty entrees and special cocktails, there are loads of people hiring caterers to create trendy yummylicious food. On most of the courses, you’ll be taught by professional chefs with up-to-date industry experience. You’ll learn about food preparation techniques, meal production and design, service of food and drinks, hospitality, food hygiene and cookery processes. You’ll also stand a chance of being placed in some top establishments such as the Ritz and Claridges.   


The catering business

If you decide to start a catering business, there will be other responsibilities involved apart from just preparing food. One of the important areas is event planning as you’ll be required to plan the occasion such as organising the line-ups, tailoring details according to client’s preferences, arranging decorations, sending out invitations and even having a plan B in case things go wrong! Studying a course in event management, alongside catering, could be helpful too.  


How about hospitality and catering?

Whilst it’s not that popular for students to combine courses, you can choose to take your catering course with another subject like hospitality, which allows you to cover a broader area. It introduces students to the catering and hospitality industry, where they develop literacy and numeracy skills, operational planning and organisation, financial management and marketing, apart from catering skills. Browse our courses and you’ll find a range of combined or similar courses such as restaurant and events, hospitality supervision, tourism and hotel management.



The British Institute of Innkeeping Awarding Body (BIIAB) awards range from Level 1 to 6 for catering, and the organisation regularly updates its qualifications, ensuring that students are employable at the end of the course. You can also choose the City & Guilds awards that are developed in conjunction with industry experts.    


Catering for Wimbledon!

The amount of food and drink served by 1,800 catering staff at The Championships in Wimbledon:

·         300,000 cups of tea and coffee

·         250,000 bottles of water

·         190,000 sandwiches

·         150,000 bath buns, scones, pasties and doughnuts

·         150,000 glasses of Pimms

·         135,000 ice creams

·         130,000 lunches served

·         100,000 pints of draught beer and lager

·         30,000 portions of fish and chips

·         30,000 litres of milk

·         28,000 kilos of English strawberries

·         23,000 bananas

·         22,000 slices of pizza

·         17,000 bottles of champagne

·         7,000 litres of dairy cream


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